Halloween Safety Tips

Oct 31, 2014
B.C. Lorio via Flickr

Tonight before you send the kids out trick-or-treating, here are a few things to keep in mind for a safe Halloween.

Children should avoid going out trick-or-treating alone, according to the CDC. Loose-fitting clothing or masks can be dangerous as they can cause tripping and vision obstruction.

Kids who wear bright clothing or reflective tape are more visible in the dark.  Carry flashlights and walk on the sidewalk.

Tricks and Treats and Halloween Traditions

Oct 19, 2013
Image courtesy of Center for Environmental Health

10/26 9am: Halloween is many kids' favorite holiday, dressing in costume, going door to door begging for candy, all on a school night! Carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, celebrating the spooky:  where do these traditions come from? Find out on The Children's Hour, where we'll open up the phone lines so you can share your costume ideas.



Chatterbox's third annual Halloween performance. This terrifying production features five original tales of horror, all performed and broadcast live on 91.1 WKNO FM in Memphis.

10/31 1:30p: DJ Mello is a huge Halloween fan.  Tune in as she shares some of the ghoulish jewels she has collected over the years.