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  • Friday, December 19, 2014 10:00am
    India Says UN Climate Summit Fails Poor Countries / Giveaways Turn Appropriation Bills Into Christmas Trees / Beyond the Headlines / Turtle Rescue / BirdNote® Freeway Hawks / Louisiana's Moon Shot / Place Where You Live: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Friday, December 12, 2014 10:00am
    Republican AGs Fight Environmental Regulations / An Amusement Park’s Unruly Squirrels / Icy Roads Prescribed a Low-Sodium Diet / Renting Trees Keeps the Christmas Spirit Alive / Beyond the Headlines / Quiet Places Around the World
  • Friday, December 5, 2014 10:00am
    Supreme Court To Hear Challenge to Power Plant Mercury Rule / Coal Baron Indicted in Mine Disaster / Human Rights On the UN Climate Change Agenda / Rhinos For Sale / Place Where You Live: Gaborone, Botswana / Beyond the Headlines / Beinecke's Message of Hope for a Planet In Peril
  • Friday, November 28, 2014 10:00am
    The Best and Worst Cities Preparing For Climate Change / Car-Free To Become Carefree In Helsinki / Danish Green Roofs / Urban Acupuncture To Cure City Ills / Building Complete Streets / Canals in Boston?
  • Friday, November 21, 2014 10:00am
    Keystone XL and the Price of Oil / The Missing Campus Climate Debate / A ‘Charming’ New Particle / Modern Gleaning Helps the Hungry / Plains Bison / Beyond the Headlines / Foods for Health
Living On Earth
8:38 am
Wed May 14, 2014

Stanford Divests From Coal

Stanford’s student activists demanding their school divest from fossil fuels.
Credit Fossil Free Stanford

  Wed. 5/14 8a: Stanford University has given the divestment movement a huge boost by promising to pull their 18 billion dollar endowment from coal companies. Student activist Michael Peñuelas tells host Steve Curwood that he’s proud of his University, but the students will keep pushing for divestment from all fossil fuels.

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Living on Earth
1:54 pm
Mon April 8, 2013

High Court for the Environment

Wed. 4/10 8a: President Obama is having trouble enforcing environmental and other regulations as vacancies continue on the second most important federal court in the country, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. 

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Living on Earth
2:53 pm
Tue April 2, 2013

Bee Keepers Sue EPA

Wed. 4/3 8a: A coalition of beekeepers and environmental organizations are suing the EPA to ban certain uses of a group of chemicals called neonicotinoids.

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Living on Earth
2:47 pm
Mon March 18, 2013

India’s Coal Killing Thousands


Wed. 3/20 8a: India is developing rapidly, and much of that growth is fueled by one of the dirtiest energy sources, coal.

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Living on Earth
3:45 pm
Tue February 26, 2013

National Parks on the Chopping Block

Yellow Stone National Park Sign
National Park Service

Wed. 2/27 8a: Unless there's a last minute deal between Congress and the White House, draconian spending cuts will take effect across the federal government on March 1st. 

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Living on Earth
3:28 pm
Tue February 19, 2013

Starving Polar Bears

Andrew Derocher

Wed. 2/20 8a: Polar Bears have long been the poster species for the problem of climate change.

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Living on Earth
2:40 pm
Tue February 5, 2013

Booming Coal Exports Threaten the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wed. 2/6 8a: UNESCO is threatening to take the Great Barrier Reef off its list of World Heritage sites in the wake of Australia’s decision to build new coal transport facilities on the Queensland coast.

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Living On Earth
2:48 pm
Tue December 4, 2012

The Obama Administration Axes the CIA’s Climate Change and National Security Center

Wed. 12/5 8a: As one of the hottest years on record comes to a close, the CIA has decided to shutter its Center on Climate Change and Security.

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Living On Earth
1:16 pm
Mon November 26, 2012

Superman of Astrophysics

User Phil Plait Flickr

Wed. 11/28 8a: He's an astrophysicist extraordinaire, and director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

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Living On Earth
2:26 pm
Tue November 20, 2012

Denying Math and Science

Wed. 11/21 8a: Republican pundits often speak skeptically about climate change, just as they chose to ignore the mathematics projecting that their candidate would lose.

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Living on Earth
2:50 pm
Tue October 30, 2012

First Nation Challenges Expansion of Canada’s Tar Sands

Canadian Tar Sands

Wed. 10/31 8a: Canada’s tar sands cover an area the size of New York State. Now Shell Canada wants to expand its Jackpine tar sands mining operations, but several First Nations communities who live there fiercely protest the plans. 

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Living On Earth
3:50 pm
Tue September 18, 2012

Amtrak's Uncertain Funding Future

Wed. 9/19 8:00a: Amtrak's ridership is up and subsidies from the government are down. Yet many in Congress and Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, are calling to end federal funding for the national train system. Living on Earth’s Steve Curwood talks with Amtrak representative Steven Kulm.

Living On Earth
1:25 pm
Tue July 17, 2012

What Bats Can Tell Us About Aerodynamics

Wed. 7/18 8a:  The hairs on bats’ wings bend in the breeze and trigger super-sensitive cells that help them register the speed and direction of the wind. Researchers want to use this information to improve wind sensors on airplanes.   This and more on Living on Earth.

Living On Earth
9:50 am
Tue April 3, 2012

Limiting Carbon From Future Power Plants

Wed. 4/4 8a: The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed the first national standards to limit CO2 emissions from new power plants. Eric Schaeffer heads the watchdog group, the Environmental Integrity Project. He tells host Bruce Gellerman that the EPA’s rules have some loopholes but could be a big tool in fighting climate change.

Living On Earth
4:50 am
Wed January 18, 2012

Grand Canyon Safe from Uranium Mining

The Grand Canyon
National Park Service

Wed. 01/18 8:30a: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar recently signed a 20 year moratorium on mining for uranium near the Grand Canyon National Park. Jane Danowitz of the Pew Environment Group tells host Bruce Gellerman that it would protect close to the park but surrounding lands are still under threat.

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Living On Earth
12:58 pm
Mon December 19, 2011

Endangered Reindeer

Wed. 12/21 8a: Reindeer – also called caribou – are ubiquitous in the world’s northern latitudes, but the populations closest to the North Pole are dwindling because of climate change. Now there is a push to list the large deer as endangered.

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Living On Earth
3:04 pm
Tue December 13, 2011

Young Activist Speaks Out in Durban

Wed. 12/14 8a: Middlebury College student Abigail Borah interrupted a talk by Todd Stern, the chief U.S. negotiator at the climate summit, with a impassioned plea for a fair and legally binding treaty.

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Public Affairs
4:03 pm
Wed May 25, 2011

Raising Kids in a Toxic World

Sandra Steingraber and family

Wed. 6/1 at 8am: From pollution-induced asthma to arsenic embedded in playground equipment, the state of the environment is threatening the health of children. Author Sandra Steingraber talks about the challenges of parenting in a world with a changing climate. This and more environmental news, Wednesday morning at 8.

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