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Exploration of music from around the world.

Albuquerque native Chris Marianetti, co-founder of Found Sound Nation, talks with Global Music host Megan Kamerick about OneBeat, a new model of cultural diplomacy that brings 25 musicians from 17 countries to the U.S. for one month. They work collaboratively to produce, compose and perform original music and develop strategies for social engagement through music. They begin in California with a two-week residency, then go on tour, ending in Albuquerque, first for a jam session on October...

Courtesy of Rahim AlHaj

Rahim AlHaj fled Iraq in 1991 and eventually landed in Albuquerque, where he now lives. He will perform as part of the Peace Talks Radio 10th anniversary celebration on Sept. 13 in Santa Fe. Rahim holds a degree in Arabic literature from Mustunsariya University in Baghdad. In 1991, after the first Gulf War, Rahim was forced to leave Iraq due to his activism against the Saddam Hussein regime and began his life in Jordan and Syria. He moved to the US in 2000 as a political refugee and has...