Windy And Dry Conditions Could Strengthen New Mexico Wildfires

Jun 3, 2013

The Tres Lagunas fire progression map from June 3, 2013.
Credit USFS


Growth of the Tres Lagunas and Thompson Ridge wildfires burning in New Mexico have slowed since last week, however unfavorable weather conditions today could change that.  So far, the fires have burned more than 15 square miles and are now 5% contained.

Light winds and high humidity allowed fire crews to make considerable progress containing the blazes on Sunday.

However dry and windy conditions are in the forecast through the evening, which officials say could make fire activity more volatile.

5 helicopters are in the area dropping water and retardant on the fires. 

Both fires broke out in the Santa Fe National Forest late last week as a result of downed power lines.

Nearly 200 homes and summer residences are considered to be threatened by the blazes and have been evacuated.