UNM To Begin Human Trials On Genetic Disease

Mar 25, 2013

Researchers searching for a treatment to a genetic disease called Cerebral Cavernous Malformation say they're poised to begin human trials. The University of New Mexico will lead the trials. In the past, the University of Utah used animals to test possible treatments.
The genetic disease affects thousands of New Mexicans, a large portion of that population Hispanic, and is known to cause epilepsy, disabling headaches, brain defects, bleeding and death.
Other than surgical treatment, there is no cure for the disease. And Dr. Leslie Morrison, a professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at UNM, says the human trials will determine the effectiveness of cholesterol-lowering medication.
“It is a very important disease in the state of New Mexico and that is because it affects more patients in the state of New Mexico than any other region in the world,” says Morrison.
Morrison says participation in the research could benefit future generations, even if it does not benefit patients in themselves.