Understanding Alcohol's Toll on the Family

Oct 2, 2012

Wed. 10/2 11a: Living with an alcoholic is not an easy thing to do and unfortunately many Native American families know this scenario all too well. 

The family who lives with an alcoholic is left to handle the day-to-day tasks that can be forgotten while the alcoholic recovers from a night of excessive drinking.

How much does a person's drinking affect the family unit? How do you deal with caring for an alcoholic when you know that their life is centered around pursuing their next drink? Did you grow up an alcoholic home and what effect does that have on your adult life? Can family life ever be normal when one or more family members are alcoholics and have not decided to stop drinking?

Guests are Margie Anderson (Yaqui/Apache) Talking Circle Facilitator and John Bird (Blackfoot) Project Director of the Circles of Care Project at the Tohono O'odham Community College.