Social services advocates push to expand Medicaid

Aug 1, 2012

Social services advocates are urging Republican Governor Susana Martinez to support expanding Medicaid to provide health care to nearly 150,000 low-income New Mexicans.

A group representing working families, Organizers in the Land of Enchantment or OLÉ, delivered a plate of waffles to the governor's office on Tuesday, saying they want Martinez to "stop waffling" and back an expansion of Medicaid as proposed under a federal health care law.

Albuquerque day care worker Dana Gallegos said she and her husband often can't afford medical services because their minimum wage jobs won't cover household expenses and health care. Their 3-year-old daughter qualifies for Medicaid.

A spokesman for the governor said the waffles were a "shameless stunt" and the liberal group "cares more about playing politics than protecting health care."