Roust The House Shines Spotlight On Young Musicians In Our Community

Dec 12, 2014

The Roots Music Club of Albuquerque Academy.
Credit Derrick Toledo. Generation Justice.

Sun. 12/14 7p: The Outpost Performance Spaces gives young people in our community a place to celebrate their musical creativity through their monthly Roust the House: Teen Performance Nights. This Sunday, we’ll be bringing you sounds from Roust the House. We’ll hear an incredible variety of music from some of the most talented young musicians in our community, as well as interviews with Tom Guralnick, founder of the Outpost, and Roust the House Coordinator/Performer Sage McKay.

Performances include: Rock and Rhythm Youth Orchestra, Miles Darnell, Sophia Ellis-Young, The Roots Music Club of Albuquerque, Kahlila Hughes, Sage McKay, and Atelie Brown.