Review: Book on homeless is compelling in its directness

Jan 27, 2011

Santa Fe, NM – Santa Fe yoga and Pilates instructor Anna Carvlin worked for several years at Santa Fe's acclaimed St. Elizabeth's Shelter. During that time she interviewed 45 homeless people about their lives and their dreams, and compiled those interviews into an extraordinary book called Dwell at My Door. The stories in this book are so touching, so revealing, so personal, that I want to get right to them. And to demonstrate how rich this book is, I'll just pick pages at random, and read a paragraph or two from each.

(excerpts not transcribed)
1 ..Manuel

2 Eternity

3 Sissi

Anna's impulse to work with the homeless comes in part from a childhood raised in a service-oriented family and community, and her passion for the homeless has also no doubt been fueled by the plight of her sister, who in fact passed away just this past week from the trials of a life on the street. We wish Anna and her family the best, and hope her book raises awareness and understanding of this segment of our population - which with just a couple bad breaks could easily include you or me tomorrow.

Anna Carvlin's book, Dwell at My Door, is available from the book's website, Dwellatmydoor.com, or from St. Elizabeth's shelter in Santa Fe - sales directly benefit St. Elizabeths Shelter.

(Jim Terr is a videographer, actor, and satirist. He lives in Santa Fe.)