Receiving the Fruits that Crisis Can Offer - with Daphne Rose Kingma

Sat. 3/19 at 6am: There are specific actions that we can take when difficulty arises in our life. The call is to deal with our challenges in ways that are fresh, authentic, and deep, that touch at the core of ourselves.

We need to create, not just another bailout, but a true sense of meaning. Kingma points out that crisis can be a transforming experience. She says, "Crisis is not the monster in the woods, but it is the thing that shows up to deliver you to yourself, to your best self. This experience of transformation will blow your mind about who you are." This conversation helps us in recovering our sense of equanimity, spirit, and strength when devastating events threaten to engulf us.

To learn more about the work of Daphne Rose Kingma go to www.DaphneKingma.com.

Program #3390