The Power of the Grimm Brothers' Collection of Folktales, with Allan G. Hunter, Ph.D.

Sat. 5/14 at 6am: What is the "un-Disneyfied" story of Cinderella and other tales as collected by the Grimm Brothers, and what wisdom can they impart?

Fairytales have given pleasure and delight for centuries, and ultimately many of them have been a source of wisdom for generations of people, who had no psychology textbooks to reference, and no certified therapists to consult. However, in recent decades we've "Disneyfied" them and assimilated commercialized versions, while the real tales-, full of wisdom-, remain unread. The collection of tales by the Grimm Brothers deals with some very murky human passions and they hold the possibility there is a productive way of being, on the other side of difficulty. In the early 1800s, the Grimm brothers carefully wrote down stories from itinerant storytellers, who were basically an endangered species and dying out. Being academics, they recognized the power of these folktales and understood they shouldn't be lost. Program #3394

Slideshow photo:
Illustration by Gustave Dor? in Charles Perrault's Cinderella from Histoires ou Contes du Temps pass?: Les Contes de ma M?re l'Oye(1867 edition).