Physics can Be Phun, with Dr. Jeff Saul from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, UNM

Fri. 6/4: Can learning physics actually be fun? Dr. Saul talks about teaching introductory college physics using an innovative and collaborative approach called the SCALE-UP method.

Dr. Jeff Saul has worked with and is teaching introductory college physics using the SCALE-UP method or Student-Centered Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programs. The SCALE-UP Project establishes a highly collaborative, hands-on, computer-rich, interactive learning environment for large, introductory college courses.

No one ever said that physics was easy but this approach changes the typical lecture/lab class to one that is divided into smaller units where the instructor and student assistants work, in part, as facilitators in the learning process. Students teach themselves.

Jeff Saul discusses some of the discipline and key procedures that help make this method of teaching physics successful. It is new and while it may not make learning physics phun, it works.

Hosted by Jane Blume Produced by Dick Frederiksen.