Nuclear Disarmament and Revolutionary Soup with Feed the Hood

Jun 13, 2013

Sat. 6/15 12p: Disarmament fellow and researcher for Reaching Critical Will Mia Gandenberger joins Carol Boss to discuss nuclear non-proliferation, and in another installment of Revolutionary Soup, volunteers from Project Feed the Hood discuss their organization.

Mia Gandenberger is a researcher for Reaching Critical Will, the disarmament program of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; she is currently working with Los Alamos Study Group as a Visiting Disarmament Fellow, and has been working internationally in the field of nuclear disarmament for nine years.
Project Feed the Hood is a food literacy and community gardening program focusing on low-income families and communities of color. They have founded a community garden right here in Albuquerque (the International District Community Garden) and are working to help local schools start gardens.