NM Campaign Contribution Limits Have Increased

Apr 18, 2013

Credit Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State

New Mexico's campaign contribution limits have increased, allowing candidates to accept larger amounts from donors.

State law requires adjusting the contribution caps for inflation after each general election.

For the 2014 elections, the secretary of state's office says candidates for statewide office, such as governor, can accept contributions from individuals of $5,200 per election — a total of $10,400 for primary and general election campaigns. The previous limit was $5,000 per election.

Individuals can contribute $2,400 per election — up from $2,300 — to candidates for the Legislature and other non-statewide offices.

Political action committees can contribute $5,200 per election to a candidate, up from $5,000.

Limits on contributions initially took effect after the 2010 general election. Candidates for most state offices previously could accept unlimited amounts from donors.