Navajo Nation Exceeds Housing Spending Goals

Oct 2, 2013

Credit quinn.anya via Flickr / CREATIVE COMMONS

The Navajo Housing Authority is no longer under a federal magnifying glass. 

Authority officials announced Tuesday that they exceeded their $137 million spending goal by $5 million this year. 

The agency was warned in April by the Department of Housing and Urban Development about a failure to utilize federal funding. 

Aneva Yazzie is CEO of the Navajo Housing Authority. She said it's not as easy for tribal governments to spend federal funds as most people might think. "There [are] almost seven different federal agencies that tribes need to go through in terms of building one home," Yazzie explained. At least 34,000 homes are needed in Navajo communities, or about $9 billion worth of housing. 

The Navajo Nation must spend $155 million on housing next year.