Lawmakers Ban Texting While Driving

Feb 19, 2014

Use of the cellphone while driving in order to send and receive text messages, or to navigate your route, raises the risk for an automobile accident dramatically.
Credit Centers for Disease Control

A bill that would prohibit texting while driving now heads to Governor Susana Martinez's desk for approval after clearing the legislature.

E-mail, instant messages and internet surfing all fall under the bills scope.

John McPhee is with New Mexico Department of Health. He says distracted driving is a growing problem across the country.

"Three-thousand teenagers, under the age of 21, died as a result of being distracted by cell phones while driving," said McPhee. "That exceeded the number of deaths by that same age group drinking and driving."

If approved by the governor, violators would be fined $25 the first time they're caught texting while driving. A second violation would raise the fine to $50.