Innovative Indian Women's Museum Planned for Santa Fe

Nov 20, 2011

Sat, 11/19 1pm: Santa Clara native  Pablita Velarde  and Helen Hardin-mother and daughter-are inspiration for the first museum dedicated to American Indian Women artists, which is taking shape in Santa Fe. Margarete Bagshaw, the third generation in this family of pioneering women painters and an artist in her own right, is heading up the effort to make a place where talented Indian women artists will study and show their work.

Susan Loubet talks with Margarete Bagshaw while walking through Bagshaw's Santa Fe gallery, Golden Dawn. looking at the works of this family of women artists. Each woman was a trailblazer in her generation. The museum will bring recognition to the important role Indian women artists are playing in all genres of art.

For information on the Pablita Velarde Museum of Women in the Arts,  go to http://pvmiwa.org/