Harold Meyerson on Paul Ryan, Lizzy Ratner on Goldstone Report

Tues. 4/12 at 830am: This week Counterspin analyzes mainstream media coverage of Israeli violence on the Gaza Strip, and guiding forces behind the Republican Budget Committee's budget plan.

This week on CounterSpin: Republican Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan unveiled his party's budget plan this week. Media consumers learned that Ryan is gutsy, that he's serious as a heart attack, that the plan is bold and sweeping... but what would it mean for peoples' lives? And what would reporting look like if it stayed focused on that. We'll talk to Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post and the American Prospect about the 'vision' in the Ryan budget, which Meyerson says isn't really about the deficit at all.

Also on CounterSpin today, seemingly out of nowhere media were buzzing with stories about the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip that started at the end of 2008. Why? According to some accounts, the accusations of war crimes and indiscriminate attacks on civilians were now in doubt, thanks to an op-ed in the Washington Post by Richard Goldstone, the man who led a UN fact-finding mission investigating the war. Goldstone's supposed retraction got a lot of press attention. But did he really retract anything? Journalist Lizzy Ratner, who co-edited a book about the Goldstone Report, will join us to talk about that.

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