Evacuees Still On Hold As Crews Fight Wildfires

Jun 4, 2013

The Tres Lagunas and Thompson Ridge wildfires continued to gain ground yesterday.

Fire crews in New Mexico battled gusty winds and decreasing humidity as they fought to contain the two wildfires burning in the Santa Fe National Forest. 

Nearly 200 homes in the area have been evacuated. Forestry spokesman Dan Ware says because the fires remain unpredictable, it's unclear when evacuees will be allowed to return home.

"With winds constantly shifting directions we don't want to take a chance of telling people yup...you can go right back home and then two hours later saying wait you need to leave again. That in itself presents a very dangerous situation."

Ware adds that morale remains high among firefighters and evacuees because serious injury and structural damage have been avoided so far.

Since igniting last week, the fires have burned more than 15 square miles and are about 5% contained.