Centuries-Old Indian Council Just Reorganizing, Not Disbanding

Jul 18, 2013

The All Indian Pueblo Council in New Mexico announced today that the non profit faction of the organization will be dismantled. But despite rumors of complete dissolution, the group’s governing body will remain in tact.

The 400 year old council represents 19 pueblos in New Mexico and 1 in south Texas, serving as a political voice for the area’s Pueblo people.

Rumors of the council’s disbanding began last night after a Facebook post on the group’s page announced that the organization had been dissolved by current leadership. The post and the page have since been removed.

Council members have been tight lipped about the move for much of the day, but stated in a press release this afternoon that the organization is just restructuring.

As part of the new structure, the council elected Philip A Perez of the Nambe Pueblo and Myron Armijo of the Santa Ana Pueblo to act as co chairs to provide ongoing leadership for the group.

The press release also maintains that the impact of the decision will not affect any of the council’s business operations, including the Santa Fe Indian School and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.