AG Releases Heavily Redacted Audit Protocol Document

Aug 23, 2013

Often, redacted documents might look like this, with blurred or darkly marked segments. But according to The Albuquerque Journal, the redacted Audit Protocol documents they received were so heavily redacted that 8 of 13 pages were entirely blank.
Credit opensourceway via Flickr

The State Attorney General's Office released parts of  an audit Thursday of 15 behavioral health providers who have been accused of over-billing and Medicaid fraud by the Human Services Department.

The Albuquerque Journal reports 8 of 13 pages of the "Audit Protocols" document were completely redacted while 4 other pages were almost completely redacted.

The documents reveal some details about the types of over-billing the auditors were tasked with examining- including providers billing multiple locations for the same client at the same time, double billing for group and individual counseling sessions, billing for excessive hours, and forged clinician records.

Audit methods and details about individual providers were redacted.

At least 12 of the 15 providers are facing take over by Arizona behavioral health service providers who have contracted with the state.