Scott MacNicholl "The Doctor"

Operations Manager / Host

"The Doctor"  -  this is the moniker I go by on the air.  It was a nick-name given to me some 30 years ago by a couple of guys I knew while in the Navy.  We all had nick-names, hung out a lot together, listened to a lot of music ... I was the one who had always read the liner notes on every record I ever bought, and remembered the facts - thus my nick-name pulled from a Blue Oyster Cult song, "Dr. Music."
I began listening to KUNM in late 1968 as I was just turning 15 years old.  You could say it was, "underground FM," of the late 1960's, and the musical programming was dominated by the deeper rock 'n' roll being produced at that time.  It set the standard for how I would measure rock 'n' roll radio for the rest of my life.

After 26 years in the US Navy, I returned home in 1996.  Having finally put my entire stereo system together, I decided to listen to KUNM, to see what was happening.  I immediately heard the music of the late 1960's: it was Saturday night, and the Program was Dog City Rock.  I called the DJ, and asked him how I could get involved in KUNM.  Shortly thereafter, I began volunteering, and  hosted my first Dog City Rock show in November 0f 1997. 

In September 2006, the first edition of the Psychedelic Radio Head~Shoppe made it's way across the airwaves.  The show lets loose with the deeper tracks of the late 1960's and early 1970's, avoiding the over-played tracks the audience can hear ad nauseam on commercial rock radio.  Yes you'll hear: The Beatles, Stones, Cream, Hendrix, Doors, Airplane, .... but also, Electric Prunes, Frank Zappa, Captain Beyond, The Groundhogs, King Crimson, Steve Hillage .... and the list goes on!

Incredible cross-pollination of styles collided in those heady and tripped out 'daze' of the 1960's and beyond.  I try week-to-week, to bring out varied dimensions of that era of rock, and it's associated roots and branches, weaving themes and music (& requests), dipping into poetry, spoken word, comedy... and cook this all up in The Doctor's brew, in a steaming cauldron of rock 'n' roll sounds that moves your body, feeds your mind, and psychedelicizes your soul.

Psychedelic Radio Head Shoppe
12:47 pm
Fri June 15, 2012

1967 – Rock & Roll Comes of Age

Sat. 6/16 10p: KUNM's Psychedelic Radio Head Shoppe and Sound Opinions mark the 45th anniversary of one of the most significant years in rock and roll. 1967 was the year that the recording studio as an instrument changed the way music is created; that the album as a united concept changed the way it is heard; that the festival experience remade the way music is celebrated live. Pop music became big business.

Psychedelic Radio Head Shoppe
6:50 am
Fri November 4, 2011

Live Interview - The Strolling Scones

Sat. 11/5 10p: The Strolling Scones will make a visit to the Psychedelic Radio Head~Shoppe.  Rick Stockton & Helen Highwater, will drop by to discuss their upcoming new release, an EP, entitled "Something Happening In The Air,"  their upcoming tour dates, and the evolution of the band.

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