Katie Stone


Katie Stone is the host and producer of The Children's Hour. Her goal with the show is to bring informative, entertaining and engaging radio programming to KUNM listeners, showcasing local kids and kid-friendly organizations, while involving kids in all aspects of the production. She works with a crew of kids who help engineer the show, write scripts and reviews, choose music, and assist with the live broadcast.  

Katie also reaches into the community, partnering with teachers to create radio shows for class projects, and collaborating with various professors at the University of New Mexico to provide a platform for graduate students to explain their research in a way a kid’s audience can understand.  She hopes everyone listening comes away with new knowledge about the topic du jour. 

Katie started working in radio when she was just 14 years old at WDGC-fm in Downers Grove, Illinios. Outside of KUNM, Katie can be found advocating for families who have kids with disabilities, or working in the garden with her husband Andrew.  She is the step mother of two grown daughters, the mom of Emma and Eli, who produces the podcasts of the show, and the grandmother of Ruthie.  Katie lives in a handmade house on a solar powered organic farm in Albuquerque with her true love and their chickens, fruit, vegetables, children, llama, cats and dog.   

Ways to Connect

Every Kid In A Park

Jul 28, 2016
National Parks Foundation

Sat 7/30 9a: The Children's Hour crew will explore the Every Kid In A Park initiative, where every 4th grader in America can get a free family pass to all national parks, wilderness areas, wildlife refuges and historical sites for their whole family. We will also find out what the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival offers for kids. Great music, a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club and so much more every Saturday from 9 to 10am. 

Beatrix Potter

Jul 19, 2016
Creative Commons, Wiki

Sat. 7/23 9a: This Saturday on The Children’s Hour, it’s a special show about Beatrix Potter. The author and illustrator of classic children’s books like Tale of Peter Rabbit, is releasing a new book this fall. That’s pretty amazing considering her 150th birthday is next week! Join in the celebration and honoring Beatrix Potter this Saturday starting at 9am on KUNM.

Courtesy of Casey Smith

  Sat 7/16 9a: The Children's Hour welcomed Donovan Smith, a 13 year old making a difference in the lives of homeless people. Plus, we had our first ever live streamed video performance of a duet sung in sign language. The Children's Hour broadcasts live every Saturday from 9-10am. 

Sandia Cave

Jul 6, 2016
Creative Commons, Wiki

7/9, Sat 9a: This week on The Children’s Hour: learn about the mysteries of Sandia Cave from the rangers who work to preserve and protect it. Was there really a Sandia Man found deep inside?

Outta This World

Jun 30, 2016
Creative Commons Wiki

Sat. 7/2, 9a: On The Children's Hour, the 4th of July holiday is approaching, and so is the Juno spacecraft as it arrives at its orbit around Jupiter. We'll learn about the Juno mission, its goals and where you can participate. Plus, it's World UFO Day and we're celebrating in the studio. With a nod to the 4th of July, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, great music, a family events calendar and so much more. Join us ... Saturday, 9am MST.


Jun 22, 2016
Wiki creative commons

Sat. 6/25, 9a:  The Children's Hour is swinging into summertime with special guest host, Mark Gilboard. Hear the only New Mexico bagpipe ensemble perform live in the studio. Plus, we'll learn how every kid can win with the summer writing contest through our friends at NMPBS.  Great music, live and local, join us every Saturday at 9am. 


Jun 15, 2016
Katie Stone

Sat 6/18, 9a: Kids can celebrate Father's Day by calling in to The Children's Hour this week and tell us about their dads. Plus we'll play along with Recycleman in the studio with the KUNM Kids.  Live and local, every Saturday morning! 

Katie Stone

  Sat June 11, 9a: This week on The Children's Hour, producer Katie Stone speaks with award winning author Sherman Alexie about his new book for younger kids, Thunder Boy.   Zoe reviews a book for older kids, A Night Divided. Plus what do teachers do in the summer, and do you really want to know? We'll have a story from Bill Harley.

With great music, a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, and so much more, we hope you'll join us this Saturday at 9am. 

Symbols Of Enchantment

May 31, 2016
Rebel Donut

Sat. 6/4, 9a:  The Children's Hour features musician and educator, Curious Chris who will take us through the various symbols representing New Mexico. From the Zia to the coelophysis, turquoise to yucca flowers the Land of Enchantment's state symbols showcase our unique culture, landscape and history. Join the KUNM Kids as we explore these official markers through music and stories.  

Climate Activist Kids

May 24, 2016
Our Children's Trust, CC

5/28, 9a: The Children's Hour welcomes kids who are actively trying to save the planet. Aji Piper will join us from Seattle to talk about the lawsuit that he and 19 other kids are involved with to hold governments accountable for pollution. The kids are winning their cases, and that's good news for us all. 

Andy Mason Performs

May 20, 2016
Courtesy of Andy Mason

5/21 9a: The KUNM Kids welcome singer and songwriter, Andy Mason from Portales, New Mexico with a live, in studio concert. Plus we'll find out when to expect the end of the world, and we'll celebrate the KUNM Kids Birthday Club members. A family events calendar, great music, and so much more.

Mother's Day Special

May 5, 2016
Katie Stone

Sat 5/7, 9a: We're celebrating Mother's Day on The Children's Hour with a show honoring the dedicated moms around us. With poetry and music, this show is for Mom. Plus, a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, and so much more. 

Spring Rituals

Apr 28, 2016
Creative Commons


  Sat 4/30, 9a: The Children's Hour hosts kids from Jimmy Carter Middle School who will tell us how cultures around the world welcome spring. From exploding snowmen, drowning dolls, rolling down a hill with cheese, and flinging colored powder at friends, people worldwide have unique ways of saying goodbye to winter.  Plus, we'll learn about Dia De Los Niños, what's on at The Guild, events for kids this weekend, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, and of course, great music.  Start your Saturday with a smile and The Children's Hour! 

  Sat 4/23, 9a: On The Children's Hour this week, Valle Vista 4th Graders from Mrs. Dawson's class join the KUNM Kids in the studio to talk about how bird watching at the Valle del Oro was a life changing experience. Not only did these kids learn about our feathered friends in the Bosque, but the program enabled them to be citizen scientists. Plus, we'll find out about a celebration of public art in Albuquerque. Great music, a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, and so much more this week on The Children's Hour. 

New Mexico Humanities Council

Sat 4/16, 9a:  The Children's Hour crew welcomes our friends from Best Buddies New Mexico into the studio talking about inclusive friendship.  Also we'll learn all about National History Day, and how you can participate.  And our friend Solis talks about the infamous Titanic. Plus great music, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, and so much more. Start your Saturday with a smile. 

Katie Stone

  Sat. 4/2, 9a: On The Children's Hour this week, we were joined by guests from the heart of Albuquerque: the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. We learned about their brand new exhibits, the many activities and celebrations happening, and how kids and families from every culture can be a part of living Pueblo traditions.  Then, we heard what happened when we sent kids with a microphone into the Santa Fe art installation, Meow Wolf.  On this International Autism Day edition of The Children's Hour, we had great music, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, a family events calendar, and so much more.  

A Trip To The Moon

Mar 23, 2016
Creative Commons

Sat 3/26, 9a: Take a trip out of this world to the moon with The Children's Hour this week. With our friends, astrophysicist Dr. Crawford MacCallum and Enid Howarth, we'll explore our celestial sister with stories, songs and poetry.  Plus we'll celebrate the KUNM Kids Birthday Club and play some excellent tunes. 

Science Of Spring

Mar 17, 2016
Creative Commons

Sat. 3/19, 9a: The Children's Hour bounces into spring with a show dedicated to celebrating the lengthening daylight and warming weather, and saying farewell to winter. What makes it winter one day and spring the next? We'll discover the science of springtime.  Plus, find out how you can get a scholarship to Hummingbird Music Camp with the Sky Velvet Vassar foundation. With great music, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, a family events calendar and so much more, spend an hour with the KUNM Kids!

Jamming with Shamrocks

Mar 11, 2016
Creative Commons

Sat. 3/12, 9a: It's St. Patty's Day this week, and we're celebrating on The Children's Hour. With pipes and drums performing live in the studio, get on your green and be ready to ShamRock!  Also, kids organizing a march for the labor leader, Ceasar Chavez will tell us all about how we can commemorate a great man.  Plus, time warps, KUNM Kids Birthday Club celebrations, great music and a family events calendar, all in an hour!

Rock & Rhythm Youth Orchestra, Robb Janov

On Sat. 3/5/16, we welcomed a few of the kids from the Rock & Rhythm Youth Orchestra to our studio. We heard about their big fundraising concert, happening 3/12/16 from 2 to 5pm at the South Broadway Cultural Center.  Plus, we had a live performance from Neil and Abby.  We've posted their songs here. Enjoy! 

Dr. Jonathan Wolfe

Sat 2/27/16, 9am: We were joined by Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham in our studios, who was thoroughly grilled by the kids in the studio about everything from balancing her personal and public lives, super delegate status, and what led her to dedicate her life to public service.  Plus, we had an in-studio performance from some of the cast of The Growing Stage's latest show, Pinkalicious. And, we learned how kids can be involved in Roboquerque 2016. 

Martian Rocks

Feb 17, 2016
University of New Mexico, Carl Agee

Sat 2/20, 9a:  What's out of this world but right on this planet?  Martian meteorites! This week on The Children's Hour, Zoltan Vaci from the Institute of Meteoritics at UNM, brings these cosmic wonders down to earth, specifically to our studio.  Cosmic rocks, great music, The KUNM Kids Birthday Club, a family events calendar and so much more this week on The Children's Hour. 

Loving Teeth

Feb 11, 2016
D. Sharon Pruitt, Creative Commons

Sat. 2/13, 9a: We'll talk about loving our teeth on The Children's Hour, just in time for Valentine's Day! February is National Children's Dental Health Month, and dental health experts will explain how to show your love for your teeth.  Plus we'll celebrate Valentine's Day! Great music, a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club and so much more, brush up and join us!

Hakim Bellamy

Feb 11, 2016
Katie Stone

On January 2, 2016 poet and author Hakim Bellamy joined us into the studio to read his new children's book, Samuel's Story.  What do you want to be when you grow up? Samuel wrestles with that question as he considers his options. 

Wild Things

Feb 3, 2016
Cristina Ortega

Sat. 2/6, 9a: The wild things of New Mexico are sometimes visitors and sometimes lifelong residents. We'll be joined by wildlife biologist Wendy Brown and learn about a few of our feathered, furry and rooted wild things living in the neighborhood.  With excellent music, a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club and so much more; The Children's Hour is a great start to any Saturday. 

Alligators All Around

Jan 26, 2016
Gareth Rasberry, Creative Commons Wiki

Sat. 1/30, 9am:  The Children's Hour welcomes a docent alligator from the Albuquerque Zoo along with herpetologist Katie Anderson. We'll talk about frogs, toads, lizards and crocs of the Americas and learn about one special frog whose species depends upon zoos to survive total extinction.  Great music the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, a family events calendar and so much more. 


Jan 22, 2016
The Fractal Foundation

Sat. 1/23, 9a: The Children's Hour explores the magic, math and art of fractals, with the Fractal Foundation. Plus, do we have nine planets again in our solar system? Great music, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, a family events calendar and so much more, every Saturday from 9-10am. 

Clowns N' Caves

Jan 13, 2016
Cave photo: Kenneth Ingham, Lucho: courtesy of the artist

Sat. 1/16, 9a: Clown around with Lucho Guzmán Cardozo who visits The Children's Hour all the way from Colombia.  Plus, we'll discover the wonders of caves with UNM professor Dr. Diana Northup and some of her students.  Live and local, 9-10am every Saturday. Not just for kids. 

Shakespeare And Kids

Jan 6, 2016
Wiki Commons

Sat. 1/9 9am : "Can one desire too much of a good thing?" We think not! Kids from the Early College Academy in Albuquerque bring the Bard to life on The Children's Hour. With live music from Sean Etigson and friends, "We are such stuff as dreams are made on." Join us for a special Shakespearean edition of The Children's Hour, complete with great music, a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club and so much more. "To be, or not to be" with us on the show. That is the question. 

All About Wolves

Dec 10, 2015
Creative Commons, Wiki

 Sat. 12/12, 9a:  Wolves used to live all over the United States, but these days we see more of them in zoos than in the forest. We'll find out all about these magestic creatures, including the endangered Mexican Grey Wolf with a zookeeper who cares for them. Plus we'll learn about re-introducing them to the wild, and how the Mexican Grey wolf program is doing. We'll also talk with a wolf rescuer about wolfdogs. Great music, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, a family events calendar and so much more.