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Peace Talks Radio
3:20 pm
Mon March 23, 2015

Indigenous people Living In A World Taken From Their Ancestors

Credit ~Sage~ via Flickr

Fri. 03/27 8a: "Is there not something worthy of perpetuation in our Indian spirit of democracy where Earth, our mother, was free to all, and no one sought to impoverish or enslave his neighbor?" ~ Ohiyesa   This time on Peace Talks Radio, we explore how Indigenous people in the United States handle the conflict of living in a world taken from their ancestors. Our guests include historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States, as well as Greg Grey Cloud (Rosebud Sioux/ Lakota) and Valerie Siow (Laguna).

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-KUNM Studio Sessions
1:50 pm
Wed January 28, 2015

A Visit with Ribab Fusion

Ribab Fusion from Morocco visit for awhile in the KUNM Control Room with Carol Boss on Afternoon Freeform. They perform a few songs on "ribab" and other instruments, and chat about their music. Video only.

Video by Jefferson White.

Keep up with Ribab Fusion on the web at

Women's Focus
9:01 am
Wed December 10, 2014

A Conversation With Terry Tempest Williams

Terry Tempest Williams

  Sat. 12/13 12p:  Carol Boss is very excited to welcome to our studio,Terry Tempest Williams.She's the author of one of Carol's most favorite books, ever - the environmental literature classic, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place, as well as many other books and essays. Terry has been called "a citizen writer," a writer who speaks eloquently on behalf of an ethical stance toward life.

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Peace Talks Radio
8:00 am
Fri November 21, 2014

Roosevelt's Involvement In The Portsmouth Peace Treaty

Credit Nellie B. Van Slingerland

  Fri. 11/28 8a. In the recent Ken Burns documentary about the Roosevelts, there was but one sentence about Teddy Roosevelt winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.  There's much more to the story of course and we'll talk with Charles Doleac who'll tell us about the Portsmouth Peace Treaty, negotiated in New Hampshire to end the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5.  Doleac says Roosevelt was a pioneer of multi-track negotiation techniques that have been used ever since and that the town folk of

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-KUNM Studio Sessions
3:28 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

Robin and Linda Williams on Freeform

Robin And Linda Williams dropped in on KUNM's Afternoon Freeform with Carol Boss, chatted and sang a few songs to celebrate the release of their latest album, "Back 40."

The video clip features two of four songs they played, "Those Old Green Hills" and "Middleton Waltz". The audio link has the entire session.

Catch up with Robin and Linda online at

Women's Focus
8:59 am
Wed November 5, 2014

A Conversation With Naomi Shihab Nye

Palestinian-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye
Credit Poetry Foundation

 Sat. 11/8 12p:  Carol Boss talks with celebrated Palestinian-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye, the author and editor of  more than 30 volumes of poetry, essays, short stories, novels and anthologies. Naomi's father was a Palestinian refugee and her mother an American of German and Swiss descent.

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Women's Focus
12:10 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Young Palestinian And Israeli Women Share Their Journeys To Becoming Peacemakers

Palestinian and Israelis at Creativity for Peace Summer Camp in northern New Mexico.
Credit Creativity For Peace

Sat. 10/18 12p: Carol Boss talks to three young Palestinian and Israeli leaders who have made peacemaking an integral part of their life.  They all attended Creativity for Peace's summer camp when they were teens, a program that prepares Palestinian and Israeli young women to pave the way to peace in their communities and across borders by partnering as leaders.  Adi, Nahida, and Dima will talk about growing up in war, their personal transformations and their work for peace.

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Women's Focus
9:54 am
Fri September 26, 2014

Interview: Photographer And Essayist Debra Bloomfield

From the cover of "Wilderness"
Credit Debra Bloomfield

  Sat. Sept. 27, 12pm: Interviews with: photographer Debra Bloomfield whose new book of photographs and essays, Wilderness, comes from her 5 years of immersion into unknown terrain in Alaska; and Gail Sheehy, groundbreaking journalist in the '60's and author of Passages, named as "one of the 10 most influential books for our time" by the Library of Congress.

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Afternoon Freeform
10:23 am
Mon August 11, 2014

Hear The KUNM Performance Of Robin & Linda Williams

Robin and Linda Williams are celebrating 40 years of making music together.


Wed. 8/13 1:30p: Robin and Linda Williams perform on Freeform this week. The revered music masters play a blend of bluegrass, folk, old-time and acoustic country. Their songs have been covered by many of the greats of country and folk. They're on tour celebrating 40 years of making music together.



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-KUNM Studio Sessions
2:57 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

The Black Lillies

Credit Deone Jahnke

The Black Lillies, led by multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Cruz Contreras, are currently on tour. They stopped by KUNM to perform live on Afternoon Freeform (April  23) with Carol Boss. The band’s blend of country, alt-rock, neo-folk and Appalachian soul has earned them critical acclaim nationwide and their most recent album, Runaway Freeway Blues, was included on numerous Best Albums of the Year (2013) lists.

Cruz Contreras: guitar, bass, vocals
Trisha Gene Brady: vocals
Tom Pryor: guitar
Robert Richards: bass, guitar
Bowman Townsend: percussion

Find out more about The Black Lillies:

Women's Focus
8:13 am
Mon March 10, 2014

Cancer Survivor Talks About The Healing Power Of A Plant-Based Diet

Dr. Ruby Lathon

  Sat. 3/15 12p: In the latest segment of Revolutionary Soup, Carol Boss welcomes Dr. Ruby Lathon. Ruby had a successful engineering career in Albuquerque and now lives in Washington D.C.  After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she searched for an alternative to surgery and discovered how to use food as medicine.  She recovered from her cancer and became a holistic health and wellness educator and will talk on Women's Focus about the healing powers of a whole foods plant-based diet.


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Women's Focus
10:58 am
Mon December 9, 2013

"Girls In The Band," Stories Of Female Musicians In The Big Band Era

Credit Bill Maul / John Natsoulas Center for the Arts

Sat. 12/14 12p.:  Carol Boss talks with Judy Chaikin, award winning director and producer of the film, "Girls in The Band." It tells the poignant, untold stories of female jazz and big band instrumentalists and their groundbreaking journeys from the late 30's to the present day. Carol will also talk with 88 year-old alto saxophonist Roz Cron, the only white "girl" in the popular all-black International Sweethearts of Rhythm in the 1940's.

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Women's Focus
12:26 pm
Fri September 13, 2013

Connecting Media Literacy to Food Justice

Sat. 9/14 12p: In another segment of Revolutionary Soup Carol Boss talks with Andrea Quijada, Executive Director of Media Literacy Project in Albuquerque, about the impact of media messaging on marginalized low-income communities and its relationship to the food choices people make and their health.

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Women's Focus
9:45 am
Tue July 16, 2013

Young Jewish, Muslim And Christian Women Learn Peacemaking In Northern New Mexico

Sat. 7/20 12p: This year Creativity of Peace marks its tenth anniversary and Carol Boss talks with four young women from Palestine and Israel who are leaders at the organization's Summer Camp in northern New Mexico.  The camp brings together high school girls from Israel and Palestine to live together for 3 weeks in Northern New Mexico. The young women of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths participate in a program aimed at preparing the next generation of female leaders and peacemakers in their countries.

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Afternoon Freeform
9:44 am
Tue February 5, 2013

Brazilian American Group "Nation Beat" Heats up Freeform

Wed. 2/6 1:30p: The American/Brazilian group Nation Beat joins Carol Boss in the studio for live music. This world beat fusion project has pioneered a synthesis of music from northeastern Brazil and the deep American South.  They play a 21st century mashup inspired by Brazilian maracatu drumming, New Orleans second line rhythms, funk and country-blues.

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Afternoon Freeform
8:53 am
Mon October 29, 2012

A Halloween Freeform

Wed 10/31 1:30p: Four KUNM Freeform DJs join Carol Boss to spin some of their favorite creepy, ghoulish, wacky Halloween tunes.  Travis Parkin, Mello, Mary B, Brandon "Dead" Kennedy and Carol Boss will be mixing their spook-tacular brews just for you.


Afternoon Freeform
8:49 am
Tue September 18, 2012

Live In-studio: Zeb and Haniya

Wed 9/19/12 1:30p: They have been described as "among the most innovative musicians in Pakistan."

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Women's Focus
10:11 am
Thu September 13, 2012

The Art of Writing with Demetria Martinez and Anya Achtenberg

Sat. 9/15 12p: Demetria Martinez and Anya Achtenberg talk about their newly published books, The Block Captain's Daughter and Blue Earth.  

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Women's Focus
10:33 am
Mon August 27, 2012

Suppressed Memoirs of Mabel Dodge Luhan

Sat. 8/25 12p: Carol Boss talks to Lois Rudnick about her new book, "The Suppressed Memoirs of Mabel Dodge Luhan: Sex, Syphilis, and Psychoanalysis in the Making of Modern American Culture."

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Women's Focus
4:56 pm
Tue August 7, 2012

Deadly Plutonium: Growing up in Rocky Flats

Sat. 8/11 12p:  Kristen Iversen talks  about her new book "Full Body Burden",  an engrossing memoir and powerful piece of investigative journalism about growing up in the Atomic Age. 

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Women's Focus
3:44 pm
Mon July 16, 2012

Joy Harjo Talks About Her New Memoir

Sat. 7/21 12p: Carol Boss talks with the internationally acclaimed  poet and musician about her new book, Crazy Brave: A Memoir. Harjo's new work is grounded in tribal myth and ancestry, music and poetry and details her journey to becoming a poet.

Women's Focus
9:01 am
Thu June 14, 2012

Poet Joan Logghe Shares Experience as Santa Fe's Poet Laureate

Joan Logghe

Sat. 6/16 12p:  Santa Fe Poet Laureate Joan Logghe's two-year appointment has just come to an end.  She'll join Carol Boss to talk about her experience and read some of her poetry.

Afternoon Freeform
9:18 am
Tue June 5, 2012

Live In-studio: Mary Gauthier

Wed. 6/6 1:30p: Singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier brings her guitar for some live music on Freeform with Carol Boss.

Women's Focus
4:43 pm
Wed May 23, 2012

Bioneers Co-founder Nina Simons

Sat. 5/26 12p: Carol Boss welcomes Nina and poet-activist Tara Trudell to talk about reinventing women's leadership and how it impacts change.

Afternoon Freeform
11:22 am
Mon April 9, 2012

Live In-studio: The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Wed. 4/11 1:30p: The  Grammy winning Carolina Chocolate Drops prove that old-time, fiddle and banjo music can evolve.

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Women's Focus
12:26 pm
Fri March 30, 2012

The Transition Movement comes to Albuquerque!

Photo by user Lewis and Clark Community College Flickr

Sat. 3/31 12p: The heart of the Transition Movement is the belief that unlocking the collective genius of our communities will enable us to choose a future that is more just and sustainable.  Joining host Carol Boss are members of the Transition ABQ community to talk about the upcoming training for transition, Making a Difference: Creating a Sustainable World.

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Public Affairs
3:38 pm
Tue February 14, 2012

Nature as the Designer

Author and prominent designer, Maggie Macnab, discusses her new book, Design by Nature and explains how all people can incorporate nature-inspired design into their lives.  

Public Affairs
11:58 am
Tue February 14, 2012

Life for a College Woman in 2012

1/22 at 12p

Carol sits down with college juniors Sarah Casson, Samreen Anwar, Andrea Nañ ez and Savannah Woodwardto dicuss hopes and fears for the future typical for the women of New Mexico's universities. 

Public Affairs
11:43 am
Tue February 14, 2012

Young and Female: Four College Students Reflect on Hopes and Fears

1/22 at 12p

College juniors Sarah Casson, Samreen Anwar, Andrea Nañ ez and Savannah Woodward discuss hopes, dreams and fears for the future. 

Public Affairs
3:35 pm
Mon January 30, 2012

Revolutionary Soup: Sowing the Seeds of Food Justice

Sat. 10/08/11  12p: Beth Crowder and Isaura Andaluz talk about the effects of genetically-modified seeds , the industrial food system and what we can do to bring pure and organic foods back on the table.