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What We've Learned Since The Fishing Wars

May 3, 2017

The U.S. was in the grip of civil rights struggles in the 1960s. Among the sit ins and protests that led to legislation such as the Voting Rights Act, another civil rights struggle over fishing rights was gaining national attention. It was a period of time commonly known as the “fishing wars.” Activists like Billy Frank Jr. (Nisqually) risked arrest to exercise their right to fish in what at least one treaty called ‘usual and accustomed places.’ We’ll speak with individuals closest to the fishing wars about what we can learn from this past experience.  

Skeptic Check: Zombies Aren't Real

Jan 24, 2013

Sun. 1/27 11a: Zombies are making a killing in popular culture. But where did the idea behind these mythical, cerebrum-supping nasties come from?

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Scientists at White Sands National Monument are studying hundreds of rare mammalian footprints that date back to the Ice Age. The impressions were discovered this summer by a pair of college students during a science internship.

From the Fronteras Changing America Desk Monica Ortiz Uribe reports the prints are providing clues about the what the southwest region was like before the last great extinction.

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This year marks the 200th anniversary of the births of two important figures in Western art and science: Felix Mendelssohn and Charles Darwin.