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6:41 pm
Tue March 19, 2013

Santa Fe Mayor Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In New Mexico

Credit Santa Fe Reporter

Santa Fe mayor David Cross has announced that same sex marriage is legal in New Mexico, and is encouraging same sex couples in the state to apply for marriage licenses from their county clerks office.
Mayor Coss and Santa Fe city attorney Geno Zamora concluded that same sex marriage is legal in the state because the way New Mexico’s constitution defines marriage is gender neutral and does not explicitly prohibit same sex marriage, and requires equal treatment on the basis of sex. The two say the next step for Santa Fe will be to pass a resolution codifying state law.

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KUNM Local
6:25 pm
Wed November 11, 2009

Surprising Parallels Between Art and Science: Darwin and Mendelssohn


This year marks the 200th anniversary of the births of two important figures in Western art and science: Felix Mendelssohn and Charles Darwin.

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KUNM Local
2:02 pm
Fri October 16, 2009

Income Tax Data Unavailable

Courtesy of Creative Commons by Yoshi

When state lawmakers convene for a special session tomorrow in Santa Fe, they'll face the daunting task of dealing with a $650 million budget deficit. Many advocates are saying tax cuts for the wealthy should be repealed.

KUNM's Elaine Baumgartel wanted to find out how much the 2003 tax cuts actually cost the state and exactly which taxpayers have benefited the most.

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