Bicanski via PublicDomainImages.com

Antiques Roadshow rolled through Albuquerque in July last year for PBS.   Three episodes filmed in the Duke City air on September 28 and October 5 and 12 on New Mexico PBS/KNME Channel 5.   The show features antique experts who appraise items for people who are hoping to hit the jackpot.  

Marsha Bemko is the executive producer of the program.  She spoke with KUNM's Chris Boros about the episodes filmed in New Mexico. 

A Little Bit of New Mexico on FDR's desk

Nov 2, 2012

The Dust Bowl was a critical moment in American history…a human caused ecological disaster that destroyed the farmland of the great plains and turned prairies into deserts. A new documentary by Ken Burns set to air later this month on PBS aims to chronicle the  complexities of the event and the resulting human drama. Co producer Julie Dunfey joined KUNM’s Carrie Jung in the studio today to talk a little more about the film…and why we can expect something new from this Ken Burns production.