Mescalero Apache

Dave Tucker

The Sundance Film Institute says four Native American filmmakers will be on the Mescalero Apache reservation in Southern New Mexico this week. The visit is the first stage of development for Native writers and directors hoping to release independent films in the coming years.

Mescalero Apache Explore Rare Earth Element Mining

May 16, 2013

The Mescalero Apache tribe of New Mexico says it is looking to expand it's economy by mining rare earth elements. The elements are highly sought after for their applications in high-tech and green industries.

A nearly 500 mile run taking place this week will commemorate 100 years since the release of Chiricauhua Apache prisoners of war. At the same time, Apaches in New Mexico - the runners end destination - will be preparing a celebration to honor relatives that did not return home, while celebrating the generations born from those that survived.