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Public Health New Mexico
2:18 pm
Wed April 22, 2015

VA Director On Secret Lists, Long Waits And A Noble Mission

Andrew Welch at an April press conference, discussing the news that clinics in Farmington, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe—and the VA hospital in Albuquerque—had some of the longest wait times in the country.

Last year, a veteran in Albuquerque died at the VA medical center cafeteria after waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance.

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Public Health New Mexico
7:58 pm
Mon April 20, 2015

Patients Rank N.M. Hospitals Low

Credit triller14 via CC

Before you try a new restaurant, you might check out reviews to see what other customers thought of the place. Now you can do that with hospitals, too. But our state’s hospitals aren’t stacking up so well.

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Public Health New Mexico
6:20 pm
Fri April 10, 2015

Governor Signs Health Care Price Comparison Bill

Credit Leo Reynolds via CC

Gov. Susana Martinez signed a bill today that makes it so people seeking health care can find out what different routine procedures cost at hospitals around the state. Fourteen other states have these websites.

Patients will be able to shop around and find the best deal on medical procedures—and see which hospitals perform them best—when a new public website goes up. Prices of vary drastically from hospital to hospital, according to Think New Mexico’s Fred Nathan, and unveiling the price tags actually drives costs down.

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Public Health New Mexico
6:11 pm
Fri April 10, 2015

VA Director Talks Lengthy Wait Times

New Mexico's VA Health Care Director Andrew Welch
Credit Marisa Demarco / KUNM

The Associated Press looked at data from medical facilities for veterans around the U.S. and reported that four in New Mexico were among the worst when it comes to long waits for appointments. 

Veterans using VA clinics in Farmington, Santa Fe and Rio Rancho, and the hospital in Albuquerque, might be waiting a long time for health care. Those facilities were near the top of the AP’s list, with Farmington coming in No. 6—out of 940. 

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Public Health New Mexico
6:34 pm
Tue November 18, 2014

New Mexico To Pay Less For Healthcare

Credit Kaiser Family Foundation

New Mexico is faring better than most states with health care costs under the Affordable Care Act. Our state experienced the third-largest drop in insurance premiums nationwide since last year.

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Local News
4:26 am
Wed November 5, 2014

Gov. Martinez Highlights Bipartisanship

Gov. Susana Martinez' campaign staff awaits her arrival on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014.
Credit Marisa Demarco

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez secured a second term last night, beating her Democratic challenger Gary King handily. Martinez emphasized bipartisanship during her acceptance speech at the Marriott in Albuquerque, which was packed with Republicans from around the state.

As Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela introduced Gov. Martinez late Tuesday night, he focused on her heart—perhaps a nod to opponent Gary King’s maligned comment about the governor’s not being Latino enough. 

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Public Health New Mexico
6:01 pm
Wed September 10, 2014

Veterans Share Stories Of Poor Health Care, Long Waits At VA

Veterans wait to speak to state Director Jaime Robbins about concerns with the VA health care system.
Credit Marisa Demarco

Wednesday’s town hall was heated, as veterans gathered in Albuquerque to raise concerns about VA health care with the state’s administration.

Hands in the audience were still raised as the two-hour meeting drew to a close. Scores of veterans who got a chance to speak complained of extremely long wait times, rushed care and bad communication with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Public Health New Mexico
6:40 pm
Tue January 21, 2014

New Mexico in Last Place for Child Well-Being

sparth via Compfight cc

UPDATE Feb. 19, 2014, at 1 p.m.: SJR 12 is stuck in committee. A measure that would tie the state's minimum wage to inflation passed the Senate and is awaiting a vote in the House.

Today marked the start of the legislative session and Celebrating Children and Youth Day at the Roundhouse.

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Public Health New Mexico
5:05 pm
Fri January 10, 2014

New Mexico's Top 10 Public Health Stories In 2013

Photo Credit: SchuminWeb via Compfight cc

KUNM Public Health New Mexico reporter Marisa Demarco breaks it down with the highlights of public health news for 2013.

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Well Woman Radio
2:09 pm
Fri November 1, 2013

Women in Business: Stay healthy and achieve a healthy economy

Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save The World

11/8 8:00am -This month Well Woman Radio will focus on women in business, and changes needed in the way businesses run in order to stay healthy and achieve a healthy economy. 

Is the current business model broken? Can women and men benefit from a different approach? Host Giovanna Rossi talks to Jessica Eaves Mathews, co-author of Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save the World. 

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Well Woman Radio
2:17 pm
Tue October 1, 2013

Health care reform: Will it help make American women and families healthier

Credit National Women's Law Center

10/11 8:00am -Health care reform, also known as the Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare", is moving forward with new health coverage enrollment starting in October, and both women and men could have a lot to gain. Women's health advocates say the law impacts women enormously because it's often women who make health care decisions for their families. 


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Well Woman Radio
3:52 pm
Mon September 9, 2013

Improving Birth For Moms And Babies

A gathering for the "Rally To Improve Birth" in front of the Austin TX. Capitol Building.

9/13 8a:  Recently, women across the country came together in over one hundred and seventy locations for a coordinated "Rally to Improve Birth" . The idea was to increase awareness and support for evidence based maternity care. Hear from Tina Cassidy, author of Birth: the Surprising History of How We Are Born and Abigail Lannin Eaves, executive director of Dar A Luz Birth and Health Center in Albuquerque, NM, as well as mom Liz Foster, doula Sara Bautista and nurse Lauren Oberholser, as we explore birth and health outcomes for moms and babies.

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KUNM Local
3:03 pm
Mon November 9, 2009

Teague Votes Against Health Reform in House

Second District Congressman Harry Teague was one of 39 House Democrats who broke party ranks to vote against health care overhaul legislation this weekend. From Washington, Manuel Quinones reports for KUNM.

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KUNM Local
4:30 pm
Thu November 5, 2009

Latinas Meet to Discuss Health Care


Latinas from across the country met today in Albuquerque at a town hall meeting to discuss the health care issues that affect them.

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KUNM Local
3:02 pm
Tue November 3, 2009

Small Business Owner Goes to D.C. to Advocate for Healthcare Overhaul

Several small business owners from New Mexico are in Washington D.C. today along with over one hundred more from around the country. They've made the trip to show their support for health care overhaul legislation now under consideration in Congress.

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