Public Health New Mexico
7:40 pm
Tue March 24, 2015

Public Health In The 2015 Session

Credit Arianna Sena

Psychiatric Meds In School—PASSED

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Public Health New Mexico
7:00 am
Mon March 16, 2015

Guns And Public Health In New Mexico

Target shooting in Belen, N.M.
Credit Marisa Demarco / KUNM

There have been more than 300,000 civilian gun deaths in the United States in the last 10 years. That’s right up there with the number of military casualties in the nation’s biggest wars. The country's surgeon general says gun violence is a public health issue.

But in rural parts of New Mexico, many people use guns as tools in their daily lives. 

"This is my 12-gauge shotgun, and I’ll say it’s definitely the most versatile tool in the gun cabinet," Billy Ogle said. "And you can take anything from the smallest game to the largest game in North America down."

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Public Health New Mexico
3:56 pm
Wed March 11, 2015

Taking Mental Health Out Of The Gun Violence Debate

Credit Curtis Gregory Perry via CC

  After mass-casualty shootings, the national debate often focuses on preventing people with mental illness from buying guns. But at the forum hosted by UNM’s Psychiatry Department this week, researchers said that might not be the smartest way to decrease gun violence in America—or in New Mexico.

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Public Health New Mexico
5:08 pm
Wed October 22, 2014

Santa Fe Students Pledge To End Gun Violence

Credit Al Hikes via Flickr

Wednesday is National Student Pledge Against Violence Day, and school administrators in Santa Fe are encouraging students to sign a pledge promising not to use guns to resolve conflicts.

Both the Santa Fe School Board and City Council signed resolutions to join in the national observance of gun violence in schools.

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Public Health New Mexico
2:50 pm
Wed January 15, 2014

Roswell Shooting Puts Focus On New Mexico Gun Violence

Between 2001 and 2010 2,392 people were killed by guns in New Mexico.
Credit Center For American Progress

On Tuesday, two students were flown to Lubbock, Texas, for medical treatment after a seventh-grade student at a Roswell middle school opened fire with a shotgun on a crowd in a gymnasium.

There is still no known motive for the shooting, and officials report the gunman stopped firing when a school staff member approached the student and asked him to put the gun down.

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Poverty and Public Health
5:10 pm
Wed April 3, 2013

New Mexico Ranks 10th Worst In The Nation For Gun Deaths

Credit Center For American Progress

A report released Wednesday from the Center for American Progress, ranks New Mexico the 10th worst state in the nation for gun deaths.

The report, called "America Under The Gun," puts New Mexico's gun-death rate, 40% higher than the national average, and looked at 10 key indicators like homicide, firearm violence against women, as well violence against law enforcement officials.

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10:35 am
Mon November 7, 2011

Charlton Recuses Self From Gun-Walking Case

Courtesy of Creative Commons via

The former U.S. attorney who was investigating the possibility of a lawsuit against the United States for the murder of a border patrol agent has recused himself from the case. It was revealed that the U.S. had allowed guns into Mexico while he was U.S. Attorney.


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9:50 am
Wed November 2, 2011

Emails Show Federal Knowledge of Gun Program

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Republican lawmakers have released new documents showing that high level officials in the Obama Administration Justice Department in Washington D.C. were aware that federal agents in Arizona were allowing guns to be walked into Mexico.

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