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1:00 pm
Sun July 10, 2011

Dreamer Fights for Education

Sun. 7/17 at 7pm: Youth producer Lucia Martinez sits down with Cecilia Frescas as she describes her struggle to attain higher education as a student in the United States. These and more stores, this Sunday on Generation Justice.

More in this week's show:

KUNM All Things Considered Host and Reporter Sarah Gustavus recently produced a two-part series on immigration in our state. We will be sharing those two news pieces with you.

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9:37 am
Sun June 5, 2011

Axis of Revolution

Jonathan Barela and Exavier Viramontez of Axis of Revolution

Sun. 6/12 at 7pm: Featuring an interview and music from the awesome Albuquerque youth band "The Axis of Revolution," recorded live at the KUNM studios. Plus, Youth Producer Shinenn Nair interviews 16-year-old Liani Merrill about her experiences as an adopted teenager.

Definitely don't forget to grab your calendar for our informative and FUN calendar of events!!!

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1:07 pm
Sun May 15, 2011

Youth Leading the Way - Native Health Initiative

Sun. 5/22 at 7pm: We will be highlighting the Native Health Initiative (NHI) youth presentation titled "Youth Leading the Way" at the New Mexico Public Health Association's annual conference on April 27th where High School students present their efforts to create healthier, more sustainable communities.

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9:41 am
Sun April 10, 2011

Inverviews from the Cesar Chavez March and Festival

Sun. 4/17 a 7pm: Don't miss this weeks KUNM Youth Radio!! We spent an exciting day at the 18th Annual Cesar Chavez March and Festival on April 2nd.

This week's show is going to feature conversations we had with Dolores Huerta, Rep. Martin Heinrich, Rep. Ben Lujan, Poet and performing artist Andrea Serrano from Cultura Fuerte, winner of the Dolores "si se puede" award Maclovia Sanchez de Zamora, and youth activist Crystal Zamora.

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3:40 pm
Mon February 28, 2011

On the State of Palestine, with Remi Kanazi & Huwaida Arraf

From left: Huwaida Arraf, Danya Mustafa, and Remi Kanazi at KUNM

Sun. 3/6 at 7pm: The KUNM Youth Radio Project (soon to be Generation Justice) talks with Palestinian-American Activist Huwaida Arraf and Palestinian-American poet and writer Remi Kananzi on the current state of Palestine. Huwaida Arraf shares the story of being aboard the 2010 flotilla that was attacked by Israeli defense forces and Remi Kanazi shares some of his poetry with us.

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9:53 am
Wed December 15, 2010

The Future of the Internet

Sun. 11/21: Youth Radio's Carson Lafferty interviews FCC Comissioner Michael Copps on the future of the internet.

On Tuesday, November 16th, Youth Radio attended the Future of the Internet Townhall and got an interview with Commissioner Copps. This week's Youth Radio show will feature an edited version of this Town Hall. This is such an important issue, make sure you to tune into KUNM 89.9 FM or streaming Live on the web at this Sunday 7 PM MST!

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1:55 pm
Wed May 26, 2010

Pride Out Loud

From Sex Ed to vampires, the youth producers of outLoud Radio bring you an hour of stories about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and otherwise non-straight life.

Produced by San Francisco teenagers for gay pride month.

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1:35 pm
Thu April 8, 2010

Focus on Youth Activism

Sun. 4/11: Join young activists from El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, Young Women United, and Promethius Radio and find out what they are accomplishing in our community.

We'll be interviewing several immigrants activists from El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos about the challenges facing youth who wish to move to our country. We'll also be highlighting the work being done by the folks at Prometheus Radio. To top it off, the girls from Young Women United will be over to give us a heads up about their latest project. Should be awesome!

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