University Showcase

Friday 8:00am-8:30am

Interviews with students, teachers and researchers doing interesting work at the University of New Mexico.

Fri. 01/06 8a: Our guest will be Professor Richard E. Peck, a former pilot, former English teacher, former university administrator, president of three different universities including the University of New Mexico, a public speaker and author who has a deep-seated desire to be a stand-up comedian. Dr. Peck has written numerous novels, award winning plays as well as short stories and poetry.

Fri. 12/2 8a: Our guest is Dr Gerald Vizenor, Distinguished Professor of American Studies at the University of New Mexico.  He is the author of more than twenty five books on native histories, critical studies, literature, and poetry including “The People Named the Chippewa.”

Fri. 11/4 at 8am: Opera is a unique art form. Music, voice, language, drama all converge on the stage.  UNM Department of Music Associate Professor Leslie Umphrey, Lecturer Sam Shepperson and several students share their thoughts on Opera. 

Fri. 8/5 at 8am: Our guests are Dr Robert Glew Professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology and Research Associate Professor Dorothy VanderJagt Nutritionist, both are from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the UNM Medical School.

Fri. 7/1 at 8am: Host Jane Bloom and Dr. Russell Goodman enjoy a conversation about philosophy, philosophers and one of the key interests of our guest, pragmatism. You will get out your old notebooks and review what you thought you remembered from Philosophy 101.

Host Jane Blume and Dr. Goodman proposed to name this program "Love of Wisdom" - the Greek meaning of the word philosophy. Dr Goodman reviews the origins of philosophy along with some of the contributions of early and current philosophers.

Fri. 6/3 at 8am: Our guests will be Dr, Christopher Mead, Regents' Professor of Architecture and professor of Art History, School of Architecture and Planning at UNM and architect Antoine Predock, a former student at UNM, and currently, world-renowned Architect living here in Albuquerque.

In Roadcut, published by the University of New Mexico Press, Dr. Mead reviews 10 seminal architectural projects of Antoine Predock. The unique approaches to architecture by Predock in local examples include "La Luz," "The Rio Grande Nature Center," and "George Pearl Hall" on the UNM campus.

Fri. 5/6 at 8am: Our guests will be Associate Professor Linney Wix , Educational Specialties Department (Art Education Program) in the College of Education and Lecturer Emeritus V B Price, University Honors Program and School of Architecture and Planning.

Fri. 4/1 at 8am: Our guest will be Dr. Monica Cyrino, Professor of Classics in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Dr. Cyrino specializes in Ancient Greek Poetry, Greek Mythology, Classical Receptions, Classics and Cinema/Popular Culture.

Dr. Cyrino has been recognized as one of the most popular teachers of any subject on campus. One of her courses in Classics has 800 students. She is the author of a widely used textbook, A Journey Through Greek Mythology (2008) as well as Aphrodite (2010), the goddess of love.

Fri. 3/4 at 8am: Our guests are from the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, at UNM. Dr. Dr. Robert C. Schenck, Jr., MD and Chairman, Deana Mercer, MD, Hand Surgeon, Jan Gilmore, MD - Current Resident, discuss their interests in working with all of the patients needing orthopaedic treatment across New Mexico.

Fri. 2/4: Our guests are Associate Professor David Schepps and several cello students from the Department of Music at the University of New Mexico who will be playing Aria di Chiesa, and Bittersweet by Apocalyptica - a heavy metal Finnish band of classically trained musicians.

Fri. 1/7: This month we present a program on Share Governance at UNM by Richard Wood, President of the Faculty Senate. These trying years have provided the University with a tremendous opportunity to evaluate the role and purposes of a flag ship university in New Mexico.

Note: The previously scheduled program on The Cello and what it means to teach classical music with David Schepps and students UNM Department of Music will be broadcast on February 4, 2011 at 8:00am on KUNM.

Fri. 12/3: Our guests are Dr. David P. Sklar, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Dr. James Fleming, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine.

11/05: Our guest will be Professor Emeritus Alan Reed currently CEO of Veregister Corporation. Dr Reed served in many capacities at the University of New Mexico including as a faculty member in the School of Public Administration, Director of University of New Mexico North and as a Senior Associate NM Engineering Research Institute.

Veregister Corporation provides expertise and data management systems developed through nearly a decade of intensive involvement in global transition related to climate change and global warming.

Fri. 11/5 - Join host Jane Blume and Professor Emeritus Alan Reed, for a discussion about greenhouse gasses, carbon management, and cap & trade from a business point of view.

Assistant Professor Michael Rocca will explain to Jane Blume why the public expresses low opinions of congress even though nearly 80% will be reelected.

They discuss what drives congressional behavior, and should our legislators be trustees or delegates? Since the party in office often looses seats during midterm elections will Republicans win back the majority in both houses or one or none? All of these and many more topics will be discussed.

Hosted by Jane Blume.
Produced by Dick Frederiksen.

Dr. Carlotta Wang discusses her attempts to cope with the changes in medicine in her autobiographic book The Kitchen Shrink.

source: University of New Mexico Art Museum

Fri. 5/7: The current exhibition at UNM Art Museum entitled "Man Ray, African Art and the Modernist Lens," is a groundbreaking show that reveals photography's complex engagement with African art.

Our guests on University Showcase are Independent Producer Megan Kamerick, Curator Wendy Grossman, and Luanne McKinnon, Director of the UNM Art Museum.

Prof. Alfred Matthewson, UNM School of Law

Sun. 3/28: To end Black History Month, we'll be interviewing Professor Alfred Matthewson about the African American experience in New Mexico.

We'll also be featuring a montage of audio from the Martin Luther King Jr. march. And of course there will be our always awesome music. Don't miss out on a great show!

Fri. 4/2: Our guest will be Professor Bradley Ellingboe, Director of Choral Activities, Department of Music, UNM.

Fri. 3/5: Dr. Umland has been working to improve student learning and achievement in mathematics in the state of New Mexico.

Our guest will be Dr. Kristin Umland, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics UNM.