State of the Re:Union

Sun. 11/6 11a: From Rockefeller's Standard Oil to GE's first industrial park, Cleveland was a city made by entrepreneurs. But since the polluted Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969, it's been trying to shake the moniker of "the mistake on the lake".

Sun. 11/13 11a : A company town, where the company is government. In a city where one in four households contain a government employee, the crippling state budget deficit, police layoffs, fire engine brown-outs and park closures could easily signal only the bleakest of futures.

Sun. 10/30 at 11am: Wyoming is the least populated state in the US. In this sparsely populated landscape where private property and self-sufficiency are prized, community is built on the (somewhat unwelcome) expectation that distant neighbors might need to rely on one another one day. 


Sun. 10/23 at 11a: After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the area, Mississippi Gulf Coast residents were forced to come together to deal with the aftermath. Just as they were starting to get back on their feet, the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster resulted in millions of barrels of oil being dumped into the water just off their shores. These events have made environmentalists out of a lot of Gulf Coast residents who would never have considered themselves as such. 

Los Angeles...Lala Land?often thought of as the city of movies and money and fame. But that characterization doesn't get at the heart and soul of this City of Angels.

SOTRU will spend the episode telling stories of habitat?and how several groups of people are making a home in this beautiful and sprawling metropolis.

Sun. 9/5 - State of the Re:Union visits the Big Easy to explore how the city is negotiating that tension between the old and the new ? from music to po boys to combating crime ? five years after the storm.

The city of New Orleans is as proud of its traditions as it is steeped in them. But since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the city and its residents have been thrust into new relationships with those very traditions they hold so dear.

Sun. 9/19: State of the Re:Union travels to the Espanola Valley of Northern New Mexico to explore the area's history of dispossession, and to discover what the rest of the country can learn from this still vital region of the American Southwest.

Espanola, New Mexico is known as the first Capitol City in America. Settled by Spanish conquistadors in 1598, the area's rich cultural past is still evident today in it's music, art, and way of life. But changing demographics, along with a shift in the local economy has left many residents without land, water, and a sense of identity.

Sun. 8/8 - One night in May of 2007, a tornado wiped Greensburg, Kansas, off the map. The town's residents have decided to not only resurrect the town, but to rebuild in a true spirit of renewal.

State of the Re:Union examines the profound devastation and the rigors and rewards of this innovative rebirth.

Sun. 9/5: Five years after Hurricane Katrina, State of the Re:Union visits the Big Easy to explore how the city is negotiating tensions that have arisen between the old and the new ? from music to po boys to combating crime.

Sun. 8/22: Find out how this small, once-booming Oregon mill town is reinventing itself in the wake of a crumbling economy.

Back in the timber industry's heyday, small mill towns in Oregon were thriving. Business was booming. Then in the early 1990s, the saws stopped. The mills shut down and their economies crumbled. State of the Re:Union surveys how a town that has lost its identity reinvents itself.

Sun. 8/15: State of the Re:Union visits New York City's most populated borough to examine how this diverse collection of communities handles the friction of change, the pull of tradition, and discovers that special something that makes this neighborhood so celebrated.

Viva New York!

Sun. 8/29: Despite shuttered businesses, and high unemployment rates, Milwaukee and its resilient people are poised for a rebirth. Is the future bright for this once-burgeoning industrial city?

Once the toolbox to the world, Milwaukee has suffered the fate of many American rust belt cities. State of the Re:Union visits Milwaukee to explore it's industrial past and to learn of its post-industrial future.