Radio Theater

Sunday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

KUNM's Radio Theater is one of the longest running radio theater programs in the USA. We bring you radio drama from all over the world, including our own original productions.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

12 minutes ago
Willamette Radio Theatre Workshop

Sun. February 18 - Award winning adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic -- faithful and exciting -- adapted by Cynthia McGean.  A tale of science and passion, creation and betrayal, love, loss and horror.  From the Willamette Radio Theatre Workshop.

The Wireless Theatre Company

Sun. February 11 - Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest consulting detective, is on trial for his life!  Trapped in a nightmarish court room and charged with endangering the public and his friends, Holmes is forced to re-live some of his most bizarre cases with only Doctor Watson to aid his defense. Gasp at the Adventure of the Lizard’s Hands! Work your brain into a frenzy of confusion as our heroes uncover the mystery of a dead man found in the middle of Regent Street! Steady your nerves as you bear witness to some snakes…. On a train!


Jan 31, 2018
Photo by Maggie Bartlett

Sun. February 4, 6pm - CELL reveals the untold story of three women working at an immigrant detention center in America. This powerful short play by Cassandra Medley “deftly explores the dirty antidemocratic secret of institutionalized racism” (New York Times). When a jaded guard arranges jobs for her sister and her niece, Gwen, at an immigrant detention center, the family erupts into a battle over home and homeland security.