Radio Theater

Sunday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

KUNM's Radio Theater is one of the longest running radio theater programs in the USA. We bring you radio drama from all over the world, including our own original productions.

Teaming Up

Jul 27, 2015
Playing On Air

Sun. 8/2 6p: Teaming Up. Two Short Comedies by Kim Merrill and Lanford Wilson. In the first, Tasha Walks, a young man (played by Tony nominee Steven Boyer) , fails to salvage his engagement and finds that his elderly neighbor (played by Marsha Mason) has lost his ex-fiancee's cat. In the second, A Betrothal, by Pulitzer Prize winner Lanford Wilson, two middle-aged iris breeders (Lisa Emery and Frank Wood) bicker - and bond - at a flower show. Conversation with artists follows each short play.  From Playing On Air.

Chatterbox Double Feature

Jul 19, 2015

The Necklace, Mathilde dreams of mingling with high society. When her husband secures an invitation to a ball, she finally gets the opportunity to live out that dream. But her taste of privilege -- and the borrowed necklace that enables her to look the part -- come at an enormous cost.

Five Days In July

Jul 12, 2015

Sun. 7/19 6p:  In the summer of 1967, a tidal wave of racial unrest swept across our nation's cities sparked by the violence that began in Newark, New Jersey on July 12th.  Award-winning playwright and Newark resident Tracey Scott Wilson dramatizes Newark’s five days of intense racial hostility, civil disobedience, and political turmoil in Five Days in July which merges drama and documentary to re-examine the historical events surrounding the 1967 Newark Riots. It is followed by a panel discussion.