Radio Theater

Sunday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

KUNM's Radio Theater is one of the longest running radio theater programs in the USA. We bring you radio drama from all over the world, including our own original productions.

Cakewalk (Hour 2)

Mar 20, 2017
L.A. Theatre Works

Sun. 3/26 6p - see programming for Sunday 19, March 2017.

Cakewalk (Hour I)

Mar 19, 2017
L.A. Theatre Works

Sun. 3/19 6p.  In honor of Women’s History Month we bring you this piece about playwright Lillian Hellman.  Broadway legend Elaine Stritch stars as Hellman in this beguiling account of her tumultuous relationship across several decades with a man 25 years her junior, played by Oscar-nominee Bruce Davison. Featuring music by Carly Simon.
With Samantha Bennett, Claudette Nevins, and Raphael Sbarge. Includes a conversation with Hellman biographer Deborah Martinson and a piece about Hellman with author Rosemary Mahoney.  From LA Theatre Works.

The Sixth Annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival

Mar 6, 2017

Sun. 3/12 6p. Three short plays from the 6th Annual H. P. Lovecraft Festival: The Cats of Ulthan, The Lurking Fear, and The Unnamable. Recorded in October, 2016 at the Kraine Theatre in New York Ciity.  Stories adapted and directed by Dan Bianchi.

The Fisherman and His Soul

Mar 2, 2017
Erica McCarrens / The Fisherman and His Soul, 2016

Sun. 3/5 6pm. A Fisherman and a Mermaid fall in love, but they cannot be together as long as he retains his immortal soul. The Fisherman's quest to rid himself of his soul will have far-reaching consequences that neither of them could foresee. A rich, poignant, and surprising fairy tale by the great Oscar Wilde. From Chatterbox Radio Theatre.