Radio Theater

Sunday 6:00pm - 7:00pm

KUNM's Radio Theater is one of the longest running radio theater programs in the USA. We bring you radio drama from all over the world, including our own original productions.

Next Fall By Geoffrey Nauffts (Hour One)

Nov 14, 2016

Sun. 11/20 6p. Just as the country has grappled with civic issues such as same-sex marriage and gays in the military, a similar struggle for acceptance has emerged in churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship. In our story this week, Adam and Luke are a long-term couple who have very different ideas about faith, God, and salvation. But a tragic accident forces their community of family and friends to put their most deeply-held beliefs to the test. This production by LA...

Spoon River Anthology, Part 2

Nov 12, 2016

Sun. 11/13 6p: In 1915 Edgar Less Masters published Spoon River Anthology , a collection of short free-form poems that collectively narrates the epitaphs of the residents of Spoon River, Illinois, a fictional small town named after the real Spoon River that ran near Masters' home town. The aim of the poems is to demystify the rural, small town American life. Chatterbox Audio Theatre as been working for several years on their radio adaptation of this classic work. We broadcast Part 1 last year...

American Appetites

Nov 12, 2016

Sun. 11/6 6p: Keith Carradine stars in Joyce Carol Oates' American Appetites , where a well-to-do couple’s own American dream is shattered by tragedy—and a life with few true foundations becomes harder to reconstruct. From LA Theatre Works.

Northern Gothic & 3 Skeleton Key

Oct 29, 2016

Sun. 10/30 6p. A spooky Halloween show from the far north from Icebox Radio Theatre. First, a young orphan girl goes to her uncle’s strange mansion on a distant lake only to discover many strange things in this tribute to Charles Aadams and Lemony Snicket known as 'Northern Gothic.'

Then, we move into radio's past for a recreation of one of the most memorable adventure stories ever to hit the airwaves: '3 Skeleton Key' is the story of three men trapped in a lighthouse completely...