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The first Friday of the month at 8am.

Stephen Spitz hosts this monthly talk show featuring in-depth interviews with people who have an impact on New Mexico history, politics, public policy and culture.

Fri. 4/8 at 8am: Many continue to question the benefits of the Health Reform Act passed under President Obama. To address these questions, Stephen Spitz is joined by Dr. Paul Cochran, the former Medical Director and head of Cardiology for Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

Fri. 3/11 at 8am: For the last 60 years, UNM law graduates and faculty have shaped the practice of law and legal education in New Mexico. "60 for 60" is the just-released book highlighting the colorful stories of people who led the way. Dean Kevin Washburn and two colleagues join host Stephen Spitz to talk about how these accomplishments have impacted New Mexico and its unique cultures.

The November, 2010 election is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in years and will be the subject of this month's program. Critical to the success of both parties in New Mexico will be the Hispanic vote.

Wisdom of the Dine'

Sep 28, 2010

Fri. 9/10 - Navajo (Dine') spiritual healer Larry Tyler discusses the leadership role of medicine men, and their role in bringing health, balance and harmony to the community.

Not many of us know much about Dine' spiritual practices or have ever spoken with a real medicine man.

source: wikipedia.org

Fri. 8/13: From Albuquerque Tribune to White House photographer, Rio Rancho's Eric Draper has taken photos that are ingrained in the public eye. Find out how he got there, and how he managed to capture these moments.

Picture in your mind President George W. Bush, bullhorn in hand, with a group of firemen crowed around him at Ground Zero or picture the former President, wearing a cowboy hat, and driving his truck, at his Crawford, Texas ranch. These mental images come from actual photographs taken by today's guest, White House photographer Eric Draper.

Dr. Glenn Kuswa, who has worked on nuclear power issues for more than 30 years, joins host Stephen Spitz as we explore whether the increased use of nuclear power should be part of our response to climate change.

University of New Mexico

Fri. 6/11: Inventor and entrepreneur Ned Godshall joins us to talk about the costs and considerable benefits of green energy innovation in New Mexico.

The Gulf oil spill has once again reminded us that the full environmental cost of drilling for oil and gas is not in the competitive mix. So, how competitive is green energy right now and by how much do we have to increase taxes or regulations on carbon based fuels to make green energy competitive?

Fri. 5/14: NM People, Places & Ideas looks at recent violence along the US-Mexico border, and the roles of corruption and drug trafficking.

Horrific daily murders are again on the increase in near-by Juarez, Mexico with the recent public assassination of three American counselor employees in broad daylight making national headlines.

photo source: Motor Sports Hall of Fame

Fri. 4/9: It's all in the family. Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Unser tells harrowing tales of his rookie days, and the Unser name in racing.

This month's guest is Bobby Unser, three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 and the older brother of four-time Indy winner, Al Unser, Sr., who founded the Unser Racing Museum in Albuquerque.