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Sabiduría: Ruben Salazar

Apr 25, 2014

Ruben Salazar chronicled the Chicano rights struggle in Los Angeles during the 1960's. The legendary journalist imparts wisdom on a life featured in the documentary Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle.

Space Camp!

Apr 25, 2014

Some people want to be astronauts and space engineers. Others who just love space find a way to make it a part of their lives. Peter Gianoukis volunteers as a NASA Space Camp Ambassador.

Latinos in Space

Apr 25, 2014

Astronauts Ellen Ochoa and Jose Hernandez captured the imaginations of many Latinos who dreamed of going to space. Latinos also contributed to space exploration...like engineer Candy Torres.

Sabiduría: Lessons In Longevity

Apr 18, 2014

Pianist and composer Irving Fields was born in Brooklyn in 1915. After hearing Latin music in Cuba, he became one of the foremost interpreters of American-style Rumba. He's still performing today.

Cosby Represents

Apr 18, 2014

As an entertainer, Bill Cosby included Latin music and many Latino actors. Host Maria Hinojosa and producer Daisy Rosario talk about what seeing Latinos represented in Cosby's work has meant to them.

Salsa Is Food, Not Music

Apr 18, 2014

We call the music salsa, but is that really the right name? We talk to our guests about salsa as a marketing term, whether or not it's a rhythm, and what we really mean when we say salsa.

The Kumbia Queers

Apr 11, 2014

Six gay punk rockers walk onto the stage, play their tropical punk and pissed off other rockers. The Kumbia Queers is no punch line. They're for real. Listen.

Discussing the Future of Pot

Apr 11, 2014

To make legal or not? That is the question on the marijuana debate. Maria Hinojosa talks with drug historian and author Kathleen Frydl about the many sides of pot.

Prescription Drug Smuggling

Apr 11, 2014

Prescription drugs are cheaper to buy in Mexico. Now, smuggling these legal drugs across the Texas-Mexico border has become a problem.

Poem: "Backwash"

Apr 4, 2014

We end with an audio poem from Chicago-based radio producer Anthony Martinez. "Backwash" is a tough lesson about the claustrophobic effects of the male gaze. Cristina Correa provides the voice.

Lessons from #CancelColbert

Apr 4, 2014

When The Colbert Report tweeted about a joke from the previous show, it sparked explosive arguments about race, satire and who is allowed to be offended. And lessons learned from writer Tomas Rios.

Happy White History Month!

Apr 4, 2014

You may not know that April is White History Month. Latino USA producer Brenda Salinas reports on what this (fictional) recognition means to the proud non-Hispanic white peoples of America.

Latinos on TV

Mar 28, 2014

The Bachelor on ABC starred a Latino. Shakira came back as coach on NBC's The Voice. But Antonia Cereijido reports, having Latinos in mainstream shows does not solve issues in media representation.

Starting Over For Music

Mar 28, 2014

Bass player JT Lopez had a career as a top session musician in his native Puerto Rico. He left it all behind to pursue another dream – playing rock 'n' roll with a band in L.A. Diane Bock Reports.

Sabiduria: Learning Latino

Mar 28, 2014

Latino USA's producer Camilo Vargas hails from Colombia. He identifies himself as a Latin American, not Latino, and discovers the true meaning of being Latino in America.

Sabiduria: Healing Through Art Therapy

Mar 21, 2014

After surviving a violent relationship, Carolyn "Mima" Texidor's pain unearthed a hidden talent: painting. In this week's Sabiduría, Mima's healing art as a venue for new and undiscovered artists.

Feeling the Burn

Mar 21, 2014

Generally, pain's a bad thing. But sometimes, you want to feel the burn. Latino USA's A.C. Valdez got tips for taking the heat at the annual jalapeño-eating contest in Laredo, Texas.

Breastfeeding While Latina

Mar 21, 2014

Leading the pack, more than 80% of Latina mothers breastfeed. Still there are misconceptions. Brenda Salinas talked to Latina moms about the pressure of getting it "right" — whatever that means.

For this week's take on Sabiduria, or words of wisdom, host Maria Hinojosa addresses the live audience about what democracy looks and sounds like.

What's That, Buzz?

Mar 14, 2014

Buzz Moran does foley work for films and sound design for live shows. Maria Hinojosa talks to Moran about the film scene in Austin while trying to guess the sounds he makes using everyday objects.

DJ Orion is half Colombian, half Puerto Rican. He talks about his multicultural musical influences, how technology empowers his art, and to shows host Maria Hinojosa how to spin.

Hugo Chávez and Venezuela

Mar 7, 2014

Venezuelan protests rage on as the government of Nicolas Maduro commemorates the death of Hugo Chavez. Maria Hinojosa talks with Caracas-based reporter Girish Gupta.

Sabiduria: The Voice of God

Mar 7, 2014

This week's Sabiduria comes from Sylvia Villagran, a professional voice actor. She voices commercials in both Spanish and English, and talks about the importance of standing up for yourself.

La Santa Cecilia

Mar 7, 2014

The Los Angeles band La Santa Cecilia won a Grammy this year for the best Latin, urban or alternative album. We meet the band members, including accordion player Pepe Carlos, who's undocumented.

Sabiduría: The Undocumented Candidate

Feb 28, 2014

Emilio Vicente is an undocumented person and a student at the University of North Carolina. He recently ran for Student Body President.


Feb 28, 2014

New York City is known for a lot of things - but not surfing. Three surf instructors from the New York Surf School show Maria the radical side of New York City.

Paranormal Laredo

Feb 28, 2014

Latino USA's Senior Producer, A.C. Valdez, takes us to the border city of Laredo, Texas, to meet people conducting research into paranormal occurrences and strange happenings.

Sabiduría: César Chávez

Feb 24, 2014

For this week's wisdom, or sabiduría, we go back and hear from worker's rights legend Cesar Chavez. He discusses change that can arise from boycotts, but the ideas involved can go much further.

David Beckham: ¡Bienvenido A Miami!

Feb 24, 2014

David Beckham is bringing a major league soccer team to Miami. Maria Hinojosa talks to editor in chief of LatinoSports.com Cesar Diaz.

Latina Image

Feb 24, 2014

Veronica Marché Miller talks with Latino USA host Maria Hinojosa about whether stock photos really affect our perceptions of women.