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Generation Justice inspires youth to become media makers committed to social transformation.

Theatre and Empowerment

17 hours ago

Sun. 7/24 7p: In this show, we discuss Theatre and Empowerment with Michelle Perez and Antonio Granillo of the Working Classroom, an award-winning arts and education program promoting the creative, academic, and leadership potential of talented young artists from historically ignored communities. We then continue the conversation with Ryan Pennington of the Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company. We will also feature the upcoming, Healthy Workforce ABQ, a ballot initiative that would provide paid sick days to all workers in Albuquerque.

Theatre and Empowerment

Jul 22, 2016


Sun. 7/24 7p: The Working Classroom is an award-winning arts and education program promoting the creative, academic, and leadership potential of talented young artists from historically ignored communities. This Sunday, we talk with Michelle Perez and Antonio Granillo about their experiences with empowerment through theatre. We also will talk to Ryan Pennington with Cardboard Playhouse and keep our community updated with the latest upcoming events.


7.17.16 - #BlackLivesMatter & Police Brutality

Jul 18, 2016

Sun. 7/17 7p: Our country is scarred by the systematic murders of black women and men at the hands of law enforcement. Our community is in pain.

#BlackLivesMatter and Police Violence

Jul 14, 2016


Sun 7/17 7p: Our country is scarred by the systematic murders of black women and men at the hands of law enforcement. Our community is in pain.


7.10.16 - Updates on Immigrant Rights and Behavioral Health

Jul 12, 2016

Sun 7/10 7p: We interview Adriel Orozco of New Mexico Immigrant Law Center and Italia Aranda of New Mexico Dream Team for an update on the recent Supreme Court decision over DAPA/DACA+. We also speak with Wendy Linebrink-Allison from New Mexico Crisis and Access Line to discuss Mental Health First Aid. Enjoy our program along with a calendar of events and some cool tunes!

Community Events and Music

Jul 6, 2016

Sun 7/03 7p: Join Generation Justice as we catch up on all the community engagement opportunities going on around town. We’re talking book signings, gardening, theater and more. Not to mention the awesome music we’ve curated just for you!

Cool Music and Community Events

Jun 30, 2016

Sun. 7/3 7p: This week, we dedicate the hour to the community. We’re sharing plenty of ways to get out and have fun. And we’ve got music picked by our GJ staff, fellows and youth interns. Tune in to Generation Justice.

Youth Action: Girl Scouts & AMC

Jun 27, 2016

Sun. 6/26 7p:  In this show, we look at the different ways youth in our community take action for social change. Many people are unfamiliar with the social justice work of Girl Scouts, but for more than a century, girls and young women have tackled social and environmental issues through their programming. We talk with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails to learn more.

6.19.2016 Celebrating Our Fathers

Jun 20, 2016

Sun. 6/19 7p: GJ shares the love for our Papas and Community! Our papas share their love day to day, which guides us in critical moments. Listen in to hear GJ youth producers reflect on their dads, grandfathers, chosen fathers and more.   

Honoring Our Fathers

Jun 16, 2016


Sun. 6/19 7p: This week, we give a huge thank you to all the dads and father figures in our lives! We wouldn’t who we are today without the time, support, and love they provide. Listen to the messages, songs, and memories by tuning into Generation Justice.


06.12.16 - Defending Our Rights

Jun 13, 2016

Sun 6/12 7p: In this week's show, we talk about defending the rights to protect our health and achieve our dreams. We will be featuring Nancy Koenigsberg of Disability Rights New Mexico to hear about how people with disabilities can find the behavioral health resources they deserve. Then, we talk with Adirel Orozco of the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center and Carla Molina, DREAMER and member of the NM Dream Team. 

06.05.16 - Refugee Settlement & Support

Jun 6, 2016

Sun 6/5 7p: In this show we speak with Jim Gannon & Diane Leal from Catholic Charities New Mexico (CCASFNM) about the resettlement center and we hear from Haneen Amer, a youth poet whose family recently settled in Albuquerque from Iraq.


The Center for Refugee Settlement and Support resettles hundreds of political refugees and forced migrants in New Mexico each year.  They help families find housing, begin education and navigate the new social/governmental systems.


Protecting Land And Water

May 26, 2016
Christina Rodriguez / Generation Justice

Sun. 5/29 7p: Two interstate exchanges at $30 million each, an increased tax burden of over $1 billion for schools, roads, and other infrastructure and health impacts related to the increased exposure to blowing sand are just some of the concerns the community has raised about the Santolina Master Plan.


On Sunday, tune in to hear an update from Lorraine Archibald of the Center for Social Sustainable Systems and Juan Reynosa of the Southwest Organizing Project about the Santolina Master Plan.


05.22.16 - DOJ Report on UNM Sexual Violence Policies

May 23, 2016

Sun. 5/22 7p: In this show, we discuss the Department of Justice’s 37-page report on UNM’s handling of sexual assault on campus. We will hear from May Sagbakken of the Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico, students and Cathy Cook from Students for Reproductive Justice. We discuss the report and what resources are available for all survivors of sexual violence. 

DOJ Report on UNM Sexual Violence Policies

May 19, 2016



#Frisco5 & Mental Health Month

May 13, 2016
Hunger For Justice SF - #Frisco5

Over the past few years, we’ve been witness to numerous police killings of unarmed women and men of color. At the same time—from New York City, to Ferguson, Albuquerque and San Francisco—community has stood up against police violence.

Honoring Our Mothers

May 5, 2016


Sun. 5/08 7p: This week, we give a huge thank you to all the moms and mother figures in our lives! We wouldn’t exist without the time, support, and love they provide. Listen to the messages, songs, and memories by tuning in to Generation Justice.


5.1.2016 - Native American Community Academy (NACA)

May 2, 2016

Sun. 05/01 7p: We take you to the Native American Community Academy (NACA), to learn about their amazing summer travel experiences. We will be talking with NACA teacher, Jake Foreman, and student, Larissa Jojola, about their upcoming trip to Hawai’i, as well as student Josh Haynes about his experience in New Zealand last summer.

Karuna Colectiva (Native American Community Academy)

Sun. 5/01 7p: The Native American Community Academy (NACA) has provided students with summer travel opportunities to learn about culture, language, and themselves. On this week’s show, we talk with student Josh Haynes about his trip to New Zealand last summer, and we're also joined by teacher Jake Foreman and and student Larissa Jojola to talk with us about their upcoming trip this summer to Hawai’i.

Earth Day, #COP21 And Climate Change

Apr 22, 2016
Emma Sandoval / SouthWest Organizing Project

Sun. 4/24 7p: This week we honor Earth Day with a recap of the COP 21 Summit: a meeting of hundreds of activists, Indigenous groups and grassroots organizers who filled the streets of Paris to organize around global climate change. Included in the group were three NM women: Emma Sandoval, Beva Sanchez-Padilla, and Amanda Gallegos from the SouthWest Organizing Project.

Celebrating Community Events

Apr 14, 2016



Sun. 4/17 7p: In our community, we grow together through songs, murals, celebrations, potlucks, and discussions. We dedicate the hour this Sunday to sharing these upcoming events.  

Interconnected Issues in Our Community

Apr 12, 2016



Sun. 4/10 7p: In this show, we reflect on many of the interconnected issues in our community. On the show, we have Sam Quinones, author of “Dreamland,” as well as Jessica Collins of Strong Families New Mexico/Forward Together. ‪#‎GJLove

Hosts: Kwetzpallin Mexica and Edgar Cruz

Calendar Hosts: Luzero Velasquez and Derrick Toledo

Audio Engineer: Yousuf Amer

Music Director: Tamara Colaque

Empowerment Through Community

Mar 31, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 4/3 p: On this week’s show, we take a look at the local organizations that are keeping our community healthy, empowered, and engaged. Young Women United’s Circle of Strength project, Gen Z Vote, is helping new voters in NM to vote in the primaries. Then, on campus, Free Association UNM is hosting a Mental Health Fair - which they’ll be telling us all about.


#NMspeaksCrisis Town Hall

Mar 24, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 3/27 p: Missed our #NMspeaksCrisis Behavioral Health Town Hall? No worries, we recap the night on this week’s show. We will share statements made by Senator Martin Heinrich, Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Congressman Ben Ray Lujan. Also, we will feature a poem titled “Mad Love” by Hakim Bellamy.


Our Community: From César Chávez To Behavioral Health

Mar 16, 2016
Recuerda A César Chávez Committee

Sun. 3/20 7p: This week, we talk about the legacy of César Chávez with members of the Recuerda a César Chávez Committee: Kira Luna and Travis McKenzie. We’ll also speak with New Mexico In Focus Host, Gene Grant, about what the Behavioral Health System is going through in New Mexico, and his role as a journalist. And of course, we share some sweet events that are going on this week that you’ll want to check out.

Generation Justice Transitions

Mar 9, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 3/13 7p: This week, we bid a fond farewell to Melissa Harris, who has been our Operations Coordinator for the past 4 years. We also say “Hello” and welcome to our new OC, Jennifer Lim! Finally, we introduce our newest segment, Community Corner, where we'll be featuring the amazing local organizations that call Albuquerque home.

Home Visitation Programs

Mar 4, 2016
LarryHB / Flickr CC

Sun. 3/6 7p: We focus on the importance of home visitation programs for early childhood development. Tune in as we feature three young parents—Odalys Garcia, Brenda Enriquez, and Elijah Ramos—who tell us why home visiting programs are important to them and their babies.

We also chat with Jessa Bunker, the Public Policy Advocate at CHI St. Joseph’s, about the early childhood movement and policy tied to home visitation.