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Steve Rendall, Peter Hart

A critique of the week's news coverage by other media, from FAIR.

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Mon January 26, 2015

The Public Making Sense Of The State Of The Union Address

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Tues. 1/27 8:30a: After the State of the Union address, one paper's headline was "Obama Pulls No Punches," but another said the speech consisted of "modest proposals," while a third deemed it "A Bold Call to Action Even if No Action Is Likely." What's the public to make of this exercise in political theater and the media's morning-after tea leaf-reading? We'll talk with journalist and activist Keane Bhatt.

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11:02 am
Mon January 12, 2015

Robert Weissman On New Congress

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Tues. 01/13 8:30a: We're told the recent midterm elections were the "most expensive in US history," but who was buying? And what do they expect in return? And what does it all mean for the relatively unmoneyed, namely most of us? We talked with Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, about the 114th Congress.

Also on the show: A reairing of an interview from July 2014 with Chicago journalist and activist Jamie Kalven about adding information to the story of police policy.

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2:20 pm
Mon March 18, 2013

Yousaf Butt on Iran, Mary Bottari on Fix the Debt

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Tue. 3/19 8:30a: The Washington Post is again suggesting that Iran is expanding its nuclear program. This time, they say Iran is attempting to import magnets for use in uranium centrifuges. But is the story credible? And how does it play alongside the US’s latest National Intelligence Estimate? We'll talk with Yousaf Butt, physicist and scientist-in-residence at the Monterey Institute for International Studies.

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4:47 pm
Mon February 18, 2013

Imara Jones on State of the Union, Dave Zirin on 'Game Over'

Tue. 2/19 8.30a: Corporate media read calls for a focus on economic growth and investment in Barack Obama's State of the Union address as a sign he was "closing out the politics of austerity." 

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3:13 pm
Mon December 3, 2012

Scott Nova on Bangladesh factory fire, Maurice Carney on Congo

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Tue. 12/04 8.30a:  A fire at a garment factory in Bangladesh kills over 100 workers just as TV networks go wall to wall with coverage of bargain frenzied Black Friday shopping.

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1:09 pm
Mon November 26, 2012

Yousef Munayyer on Gaza, Amy Goodman on ‘The Silenced Majority’

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Tue. 11/27 8.30a:  In the past six years, Israel has invaded Lebanon in 2006, Gaza in 2008, and it is now pounding Gaza with drone missiles and artillery. With a seeming strategy of occupation, colonization and war, many are wondering where this ends. We’ll talk to Yousef Munayyer, the director of Washington, D.C.’s Jerusalem Fund, about what happens when the smoke clears in Gaza.

Also on CounterSpin today, we’ll talk to independent journalist Amy Goodman about her new book, The Silenced Majority, and what she thinks media can–and must–do to serve the public.

3:49 pm
Mon October 8, 2012

John Sides on debates, Graham Erion on Chevron

Tue. 10/9 8:30a: Do presidential debates actually matter? TV networks spend days, if not weeks, building up debate drama aren't likely to tackle that issue. 

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3:02 pm
Mon March 19, 2012

Emira Woods on KONY 2012, Mike Elk on Labor Journalism


Tue. 3/20 8:30a:  The viral video Kony 2012, made by the US based group Invisible Children, calls for military action against African warlord Joseph Kony. It's been seen by more than 80 million people, AND it's been criticized for distorting the central African conflict and a paternalistic view toward Africans. 

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12:29 pm
Mon December 19, 2011

The Digital Divide

Tue. 12/20 8:30a: Few deny anymore that internet access is becoming critical to taking part in political and economic life. So, what does it matter that research shows that higher proportions of African Americans and Latinos than white people are achieving that access through relatively more affordable smartphones rather than home computers?

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