All That Jazz

Jazz, straight ahead to fusion.

David Parlato

Thurs. 4/1: We continue our discussion of the 1970s Los Angeles jazz scene with New Mexican David Parlato, who has played bass with everyone from Buddy Rich to Frank Zappa.

David is in the midst of exploring just how much public transportation he can use instead of his car -- this day he'll ride the train down from Santa Fe using connecting buses on both ends -- to be live in-studio with us!


Thurs. 3/11: Our Live in-person guest will be New Mexican guitarist Michael Anthony.

Thurs. 3/4: Albuquerque native Bobby Shew spends his 69th birthday talking with host Mark Weber about all things trumpet.

Big birthday party for maestro Bobby Shew who was born this very day in Albuquerque back when Tingley was mayor (1941). I'm not sure we'll discuss surfing the Rio Grande but we will be discussing all things trumpet. Bobby Shew's illustrious career continues to take him around the world and into every dimension. His knowledge of trumpet is staggering. SO, that's what we'll talk about. Host Mark Weber.