Women's Focus, A Show About Journeys

Feb 17, 2016

The Harvey Girls
Credit 516 Arts

Sat 2/20 12p

Taya Jae welcomes novelist Carolyn Meyers (Diary of a Waitress: the Not-So-Glamorous Life of a Harvey Girl) to talk about the Harvey Girls, one of the first all-female American work forces. This migration of women workers opened up the American West and the workplace to women. 

Carol Boss interviews 3-time Emmy Award winning director, Terry Spencer Hesser, about her new film, Love is a Verb. This documentary is an examination of the social movement of Sufi inspired Sunni Muslims that began in Turkey in the 1960's and now reaches across the globe. 

Carol also welcomes Kristin Lajuenesse, whose new book chronicles her 2 years as a young woman on a solo van-dwelling adventure traveling to 48 states and 547 vegan restaurants! Her journey is about more than food; its also about freedom, intentional living and uncovering one's values.