Women and Violence in Latin America

Sun. 3/27 at 11am: Featuring two back-to-back programs that examine sexism and violence against women in Latin America - and what women are doing about it.

Protagonists for Change: Women Against Violence in Latin America
Violence against women pervades every culture. Sources say one of every three women is abused at some point in their lives. In Latin America, sexism and impunity contribute to violence against women. But the region is also home to powerful female voices, and effective movements for the advancement of women.

Women for Women in Juarez
In some cities you can get away with murder more easily than in others. Killing women with
impunity can be easier still. In Ciudad Ju?rez, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, there
have been nearly 500 known cases of femicide in under two decades. Untold numbers of women remain missing. In our next story, independent border reporter Joe Richey speaks to several women in Juarez about what it's like to live in the most violent city in the world - and, what they're doing about it.

Slideshow photo:
Pink crosses mark the site where women's bodies were found in the dusty ground of a hill overlooking a shantytown in Juarez.
Credit: Kari Lydersen via Carnegie Council