Women's Focus
10:36 pm
Sat November 17, 2012

The Woman Behind the Voice From Paris

Eleanor Beardsley NPR reporter, Paris

Eleanor Beardsley and Susan Loubet talk in a Paris cafe.

Eleanor Beardsley's persistence and luck led to her covering the first rebellion of the Arab Spring- in Tunisia.

Cafe Regalia, 15th arrondissement, Paris

In a Paris cafe, Beardsley told Susan Loubet about her NPR report for that day--Women Going 'Topless" to protest the verdict of a gang rape trial. http://www.npr.org/2012/10/19/163257726/with-topless-protests-sextremists-march-in-paris

Reporting for the past 8 years from France,

Beardsley grew up in South Carolina. She has had a fascination for French language and culture since her childhood.

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