Wisdom of the Dine'

Sep 28, 2010

Fri. 9/10 - Navajo (Dine') spiritual healer Larry Tyler discusses the leadership role of medicine men, and their role in bringing health, balance and harmony to the community.

Not many of us know much about Dine' spiritual practices or have ever spoken with a real medicine man.

Larry Tyler grew up in a family of Dine' spiritual healers and spends his life restoring health, balance, and harmony to the lives of others. Sometimes his help is sought for healing a disease, sometimes for healing the psyche, and sometimes the goal is to promote harmony between groups of people or between humans and nature. So while the term "medicine man" is not entirely inappropriate, it greatly oversimplifies the leading role that real medicine men have played in the Dine' culture.

Join Larry Tyler and host Stephen Spitz for an enlightening conversation.

Produced with the assistance of John Burgund.