What Overturning DOMA Means For Local Military Family

Jun 28, 2013


Married couple Jennifer and Christina Altamirano at Christina's latest promotion ceremony in the US Army Reserves.


Supporters of same sex marriage will be celebrating the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act this weekend as Albuquerque holds 2013 Pride events. What the decision means exactly for same sex couples in New Mexico is going to take some time to sort out. But for some, the changes will be almost immediate. Christina Altamirano is a Major in the US Army Reserves. She and her wife Jennifer said their vows a few years ago on a beach in California, in front of close friends and family. They aren't legally married, yet, but they have plans to get their marriage license within the month. Like so many same sex couples in the country, they were anxiously anticipating the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA Wednesday morning.