Voter Voices: Trump Supporters On Their Chosen Candidate

May 25, 2016

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters lined up outside the Albuquerque Convention Center Tuesday to hear the apparent Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, speak. Here’s a bit of what some of them had to say about why they plan to vote for him.


Cecelia C de Baca, Albuquerque: I am so excited about Donald Trump running for president.  I believe that he actually does touch in so many different peoples’ hearts, different places of their heart. Because what has happened in America is everything has become so politically correct. And in the generation that I grew up in, our military fought so that we would have liberty and we have the ability to speak and say whatever was in our hearts, in our minds.  And that’s one of the reasons that I first listened to Donald Trump.

Dan Lichok, Rio Rancho: We had been supporters of Trump since the day before he even announced. I mean everybody says he’s just rude and crude but the problem is the American public is to the point where we’ve heard all of the politicians blow a lot of smoke and sunshine, promise us the world, but have never carried through.  He’s the first one to call them on it and he’s the first one to call a spade a spade.

Dan and Virginia Lichok (left) from Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Credit Elaine Baumgartel/KUNM

Virginia Lichok, Rio Rancho: Yes, I totally agree with my husband.  I think Donald Trump is true to his word despite the fact that—I will tell you that there are things that he says that I just feel like a mother going ‘I’m going to slap you! Because why did you say that?’ But I know his intent and I know what he is capable of doing.  And I love what he’s capable of doing and the fact that he’s not owned or obligated to anybody.

Marshall Stovall, Albuquerque: I’m really excited to come see Donald Trump.  I’m very excited to see how he speaks.  A good leader, [it] is important that they can speak well. I really love his tax reform plan.  Just in general, the lowering of taxes, I feel like that’s a really beneficial thing to our country.  I feel like ethically or morally it’s just beneficial to lower taxes because you shouldn’t just ride on someone else’s coattails to live, essentially.  Bernie Sanders, he just wants to try and tax the one percent to death.  Does everyone not strive to be in the one percent, to be successful? Don’t you want to gain that notoriety where you are successful and you have made it. It doesn’t make sense to just hurt you once you get there.

Jordyn Mascarenes, Rio Rancho, and Marshall Stovall of Albuquerque
Credit Elaine Baumgartel/KUNM

Jordyn Mascarenes, Rio Rancho: I wanted to come and see Donald Trump and see what he has to say.  I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about he’s trying to do.  They think a lot of his policies are racist and I think it would be great for him to clarify what he’s trying to do and make people understand that it’s not racist, it’s what's best for our country. I really don’t like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I think a lot of their policies are anti-capitalist and they're not very American and they promote laziness.  They don’t encourage hard work—moving up in society.  

Luis Chavez, Albuquerque: The truth that you have to know about Trump is he’s going to shake up the Republican party, he’s going to shake up the Democrat [sic] Party, he’s going to shake up Washington, and he’s going to shake up the news media. Those are the four things that anybody should consider if voting for him.  Well, Hillary I don’t like her because I don’t trust her.  Bernie—I hate the idea that I would have to work for a socialist.  I don’t believe in the government supplying everything for people. I work for my money. Everybody can work for their money.