U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Most Provisions in Arizona's Immigration Law

Jun 25, 2012

If you missed live analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Arizona's SB1070 immigration law on Monday, check out our two-week archive to stream the program again.  The special was produced by the Fronteras Changing America Desk public media collaborative and included reactions from Arizona officials and a look at national impacts. 

The US Supreme Court issued its decision Monday, striking down most of its provisions but upholding immigration status checks. 

From The Los Angeles Times


The justices said the federal government has the ultimate authority to decide who will be held on immigration charges and deported.  

While police cans stop people they suspect are illegal immigrants, the justices said the police have limited authority. They must check with federal immigration agents before deciding to hold the suspects.

The justices also blocked parts of the Arizona’s SB 1070 that would have made it state crime for illegal immigrants to carry documents or to seek work.