U.S. Sen. Bingaman (D-NM): Health care reconciliation bill will likely pass senate

Mar 22, 2010

Albuquerque, NM – New Mexico U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman says he is confident this reconciliation bill will pass, even if some Senators opposed to the health care legislation offer amendments.

BINGAMAN: "Those who are offering amendments will be doing so with full knowledge that their amendments are unlikely to prevail they may wish to make some kind of a statement... or cause their colleagues to cast an uncomfortable vote."

Only a simple 51-vote majority is required in the Senate for passage of the reconciliation bill. Bingaman says it includes increases to health insurance subsidies and some changes in employer requirements and revenue sources to offset the costs of the bill.

Bingaman says once the final changes are passed and signed by the President it will be a relief to many lawmakers and constituents. He says then Congress can move on to other important legislation including a jobs bill and overhauling financial industry regulations.