UNM Golf Course Could be Preserved Under Bern Co Deal

Mar 12, 2012

At its meeting Tuesday, the Bernalillo County Commission is scheduled to consider putting 1.5 million dollars of open space funding toward preserving UNM’s north golf course for the next 25 years.

The deal would essentially work as a conservation easement, with the University getting money for upgrades in exchange for not developing the course.

Tim Davis with the North Campus Neighborhood Association was part of the group that successfully fought to stop the University from developing the golf course five years ago...

"It's the last open urban green space in the core of the city and the county, and we think that's very important. And as UNM moves forward with its development plans as it grows its mission, especially on the north campus, these green spaces are going to become critical to the livability of the area and the city and the county as a whole. "

If the county commission agrees to the idea, the University’s Board of Regents would have to sign on as well.