The Trinity Test Legacy And The Birth Of The Atomic Bomb

Jul 29, 2014

The cast of "Manhattan," a TV series that premiered on Monday
Credit WGN America

KUNM Call In Show Thur. 7/31 8 a.m.

July marked the 69th anniversary of the world's first detonation of an atomic bomb, in New Mexico. And on Monday, “Manhattan,” a fictional show about the scientists who made the bomb, premiered on WGN America.

We’ll be talking about this moment in U.S. history with an eye on how it affected New Mexicans. Did you know there were people living nearby when the Trinity test took place? What are the long-term effects of the Trinity test? What does it mean to us today that the first atomic bomb was detonated right here in our home state?

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• Tina Cordova, Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium

• Heather McClenahan, Los Alamos Historical Society


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