Taboo or Not Taboo, that is the Question

Oct 10, 2012

Fri. 10/12 11a: A PBS documentary titled, “Sun Kissed”, will premiere as part of the PBS series Point of View (POV) on hundreds of PBS TV stations this month. 

The film co-produced by Independent Television Service and presented by Native American Public Telecommunications, Inc. shares an inside story of a Navajo family that strongly believe their children are afflicted with a rare genetic disorder known as “XP” as the result of dismissed Navajo taboos and even historical trauma connected to the Long Walk.

Have you found yourself struggling over scientific or medical explanations over your own tribal taboos?

Guests include Maya Stark, Co-Director/Co-Producer of the PBS-POV documentary “Sun Kissed” and Dorey and Yolanda Nez (Navajo) a couple dealing with the story of a child with “XP.”